In the present day, Derek (Brian Austin Green) hears a scream and finds Lauren Fields (Samantha Krutzfeldt) trying to save the life of her pregnant mother, Anne (Rebecca Creskoff). She’s been shot through the lung. He tells her Sarah Connor sent him. Lauren tells Derek that the cyborg has been tracking them for six months.

Six months earlier, David Fields (Carlos Jacott), with wife Anne and daughter Lauren, are in their cabin. Cameron (Summer Glau) and Sarah (Lena Headey) appear, rifles ready, asking if they are the Fields. They are in danger and must leave now. John (Thomas Dekker) calls and says they have a hit on their list called Alpine Fields. Sarah explains to the Fields about the machines and the future. The machines have already been to their house in the city and are coming. David doesn’t believe, but the family is evacuated at gunpoint in a van. They are hit by a pick-up truck. A T-888 gets out and Cameron takes him on. The others run back to the cabin.

In the present day, Anne is trying not to succumb to her injuries until the baby is born. Lauren tells Derek the T-888 found them outside a hotel. David fought it to help them escape. Derek is non-committal about David being alive. In the future (2027) at the Serrano point Resistance Base, Derek is questioning General Justin Perry (Peter Mensah) about reprogrammed Terminators. The General wants to send a machine on the next mission because they are immune to disease, but Derek disagrees. Instead, Derek is sent on the mission. In the present day, Lauren admits that she called a friend named Roger and that put the T-888 on their trail.

Six months earlier, the Fields are back in the cabin, not understanding why the machine is after unimportant people like them. Lauren reveals to Sarah that her father’s client is Sindine Cybernetics. Outside, Cameron and the T-888 are hunting each other.

Back in the future, at Eagle Rock Bunker, 2027, Derek enters with a gasmask, shocked to find countless bodies. He rushes out, contemplates suicide. Jesse (Stephany Jacobsen) tells him his fly is open, distracting him. In the present day, Derek thinks that Anne is the one who made the phone call because Lauren is too smart. Six months earlier, Sarah sets an electrocution trap on the cabin’s front door, hoping to get two minutes to extract the Terminator’s chip. Sarah finds Anne in the bedroom on the phone. Neighbor Roger Shafer (Johnny Sneed) responds to the phone calls. He’s having an affair with Anne.

Back in the future, 2027, Jesse and Derek are looking for a girl who survived the bio-weapon attack. In the present day, Anne is getting worse, but the T-888 must be taken out before they can get her to a doctor. David confronts Anne about her affair with Roger. Cameron crashes through the window and lies unconscious. The dog rushes outside to attack the T-888 and is killed. The machine grabs David and scans him, but David is not the target and is tossed aside. Is he after Anne, Lauren, or Anne’s unborn child? In the present day, Derek tells Lauren that the baby’s name will be Sydney and he knew her.

In 2027, the one person immune to Skynet’s bioweapon is Sydney (Haley Hudson). She tells Derek and Jesse that they are already infected. In the present day, Derek tells Anne that her unborn child helps cure a virulent disease in the future. Six months earlier, Roger comes in, Cameron knocks him out and says, “He’s human? Sorry.” Sarah and Anne run off through the woods. Cameron runs over the T-888 with a car. It gets up and runs after her. In the present day, Anne gives birth to Sydney and dies. In the future, Derek and Sydney help Jesse get to Serrano point. Derek and Jesse are put in medical beds and hooked up to IVs. Lauren, the nurse, says thank you for saving my sister. In the present, Sarah takes out the T-888. Derek offers to let Lauren and the baby stay with the Connors, but Lauren wants to do it alone. Maybe she thinks the Connor house is a bit dangerous.

John Connor does not appear in this episode at all, except in a phone call. This Terminator, like the first one, was programmed to eliminate someone from being born. The format, with flashbacks and flash forwards in rapid succession, can be a bit hard to follow. It is a bit easier when you watch it, rather than when trying to write it down. You can always tell when you are in the future because it’s so gray and wretched.