Sarah (Lena Headey) attends a UFO experience convention because there seems to be a connection to the three dots she’s investigating. An engineer at the meeting reports finding endoskeleton hyperalloy. “Abraham” is an engineer who went into hiding after debunking UFO-logists with restricted information from his employers.

In a flashback to Riley’s past, in the future, she is a ratcatcher before being recruited by Jesse (Stephany Jacobsen) to separate John from Cameron. Together, they travel into the present, find some clothes, and arrive at a hotel room. Riley is amazed by the comforts of the 21st Century. After washing off the future dirt, they sleep together. Jesse sends Riley to school to meet John. Riley attempts suicide in the Connor house after being kicked out of her foster home for attacking her mother, and then being rejected by Jesse. Meanwhile, Sarah follows her new friend Eileen (Dinah Lenney), who promises to take her to Abraham, the mysterious UFO blogger. Eileen is in fact Abraham, a transwoman born Alan Park. She is on the run from mysterious men in dark vehicles.

In a warehouse rented by Alan Park, they find the metal gone. They are assaulted by a motorcyclist in black. Sarah wants to see the psychologist Abraham Morris (Michael Hyatt) of the UFO group. But both the psychologist and Eileen are killed. Following clues, Sarah ends up at a warehouse in the middle of nowhere. There is a man (Ned Bellamy) supposed to be working for a heating and cooling company. He attacks her and she overcomes and shoots him dead. Crawling out of the warehouse, she sees a flying craft, or perhaps a hallucination, before passing out. Also, Agent Ellison (Richard T. Jones) plays chess with John Henry (Garret Dillahunt).

Sarah seems to have wandered into the X-files in this episode. She is increasingly hallucination-prone and it’s hard to be sure exactly what’s happening. The three dots appear to be largely in her imagination. After watching a few recent episodes, I’m starting to see them myself.

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