Sarah Connor (Lena Headey) wakes up in the hospital. She sees an apparition of Kyle Reese (Jonathan Jackson), who encourages her to escape before they find out who she is. She knocks out an officer and limps away. She calls Derek (Brian Austin Green) to get him to dispose of the car she left behind. She abducts Doctor Felicia Burnett (Laura Regan) and takes her to a hotel room where she demands she take out the bullet. The Kyle hallucination tells her to tell the doctor the truth, more or less, and the doctor assumes Sarah is running from an abusive husband. But the bullet is too close to an artery and the procedure cannot be performed in a hotel room.

The investigating sheriff, Allan McKinley (Connor Trineer) finds the Dictaphone the psychiatrist used to record Eileen’s hypnotic regression. He decides to listen to the tape to find the woman who shot a man and disappeared. Derek blows up the jeep and that makes the Sheriff even more suspicious.

Sarah has another hallucination and calls out Reese’s name. She tells the doctor that he is her son John’s deceased father. Kyle encourages Sarah to go with the doctor. They sneak into a morgue and the bullet is removed as Sarah hallucinates extensively. Derek comes in and the doctor thinks it’s the abusive husband and pulls a gun on him. Then the Sheriff comes in. He is in fact the doctor’s abusive ex and as he threatens her, the doctor shoots him.

Derek helps Sarah. Sarah suggests that the doctor tell the police that Sarah shot the Sheriff (though she did not shoot the deputy. Sorry!). She refuses but may have changed her mind later. Sarah takes the gun and the Dictaphone and escapes with Derek. Meanwhile, John is at the hospital after Riley’s suicide attempt. The doctor says that because Riley is a suicidal orphan, they have to keep her under observation. While John is arguing with Cameron, Riley disappears and returns to Jesse.

Agent Ellison is talking to John Henry (Garret Dillahunt) and reports to Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson), telling her John Henry should not be allowed so much access to info. She visits John Henry, who blurts out that she is a machine too. Weaver heads to the factory in which Sarah was shot, sees people cleaning up evidence, and kills them all. Then she blows the factory to smithereens. By the time Sarah and Derek arrive, the smoke can be seen for miles.

Jonathan Jackson, who plays the hallucination of Kyle Reese, is wearing the same clothes that Michael Biehn wore as Kyle Reese in The Terminator. Connor Trineer, the Sheriff, played “Trip” Tucker on Star Trek: Enterprise and Michael Kenmore on Stargate: Atlantis.