Cameron chats amiably with the pigeon from the chimney and accidentally squeezes it to death. She and John work on fixing her hand. Derek and Jesse get in some target practice, shooting at apples. Derek is pleased to be able to waste bullets, and apples. They discuss Judgement Day. He is trying to find out if it’s the same day for both of them, or if he has changed history.

Sarah visits Riley’s foster father about her suicide attempt, thinking he is responsible. He thinks Sarah is responsible, and John. He mentions Riley freaking out about machines from the future and bleached skulls, and Sarah thinks John has told her about the future, though he denies it. Jesse speaks to Sarah, pretending to be Riley’s counselor, and scares her further, mentioning the guns in the house and the trip to Mexico and other things that should be secrets. Cameron is trying to decide whether Riley is a threat to John and should be terminated. She scares the hell out of Riley.

Riley realizes that Jesse is trying to maneuver Cameron into killing her so John will turn against Cameron. Riley confronts her, they fight, and Jesse kills her. Cameron’s hand continues to twitch. She gives John a detonator for a bomb in her hand so he can kill her if she goes wrong and becomes a danger to him. He finds another dead bird in the yard.

Some fans were happy that Riley is out of the picture now. Cameron’s confusion and vulnerability are an enhancement to the character. The more human she becomes, the more uncertain she feels.

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