Killing Ed Winston (Ned Bellamy) has been giving Sarah (Lena Headey) nightmares. Of course, her real life, with doomsday constantly hanging over her head, is kind of a nightmare too. But she checks into a sleep clinic. She shares a room with a British woman named Dana (Michelle Arthur), a chronic smoker who has nightmares of being burned alive.

There is an orderly named Hector (Manny Montana) who has a coyote tattoo and makes dreamcatchers for his patients, and there’s a creepy Nurse Hobson (Julie Ann Emery) who has the habit of sedating patients and sneaking off to a room in the basement. With the help of John (Thomas Dekker), Sarah breaks into the room and discovers that the sleep clinic is a SkyNet operation in which people are given brain-scans.

In Sarah’s dreams, she is investigating Western Iron and Metal, where she is tasered and kidnapped by Ed Winston—not dead after all. She is tied up in his van and before Winston can call his boss and turn her in, she chews off part of her hand like a coyote, frees herself from the handcuffs, and shoots him dead, for real this time. These sequences appear piecemeal like dreams, but when John is killed, it becomes pretty clear that the sleep-clinic is the dream part, if we hadn’t guessed before. In any event, Sarah is no longer upset about killing Winston, so the clinic supposedly cured her of the nightmares.

When Sarah shoots Winston, the bullet holes make three dots on his chest. There were scenes in the dream in which Sarah was not there to witness. The coyote theme popped up a lot. Some—well, most—of the reviewers thought this was the. Worst. Episode. Ever, particularly because Cameron didn’t smash anything but a vending machine. But it was a favorite episode of a few. We are promised, however, six really good episodes from now to the cancellation of the series.

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