George (Ellen Muth) goes back to her old house again when no-one is there and finds her stuff all boxed up. She does her sister Reggie’s (Brit McKillip)  homework for her and falls asleep. When her family turns up for a photo session, she has to escape out a window. But her mother (Cynthia Stevenson) can’t stand to have the family photographed without her. Reggie steals George’s clothes to wear. Reggie glimpses George and tries to contact her by Ouija board. At work, George is stuck answering phones while everyone is eating cake.

Betty (Rebecca Gayheart) is still chaperoning George at reaping. They try to reap a dead parachutist (Bruce James) by throwing rocks to knock his body out of the tree he was killed in. George has to reap two souls at a rural gas station in which a caged bear escapes and attacks protestors against his caging. A protester named R. Luber (Michael Eklund) is killed in the bear attack and later reporter Bill Bright or Gill Kostikovich (Michael Robinson) pees himself with fright and is electrocuted by a loose connection in the electronics.

Mason steals a knife from George as protection when he goes to reap a victim of a drug-deal gone wrong in a warehouse. He steals Roxy’s (Jasmine Guy) keys to rip off change from parking meters, but Roxy runs him down with her meter-maid cart and takes them back.

George reveals herself to her sister and mother. Her mother recognizes George’s new face from a family yard-sale and thinks George is a stalker of some kind. She chases her away in tears. George confesses to Rube, who sees how traumatized she is and is very understanding. But Reggie is intrigued and George follows her when she sneaks out of the house. She is hanging the stolen toilet-seats on a tree in George’s honor. The episode ends with the family pictures being retouched without George.

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