George (Ellen Muth) is squatting in a dead man’s apartment. The relatives think she’s the guy’s girlfriend and she gets to stay for a while. But she has to pay rent. She is already shirking her reaping duties, sneaking home at night, spying on her family and sleeping in the car. Her sister Reggie (Britt McKillip) has taken George’s death hard. She is stealing toilet seats from school. She tells her neighbors that her mother (Cynthia Stevenson) will not let her use the bathroom, just because she doesn’t want to use the one at home, and her Mom is nearly accused of abuse. But she keeps stealing toilet seats and hanging them on a tree in George’s honor.

Roxy (Jasmine Guy) carries a gun on her job as a mater maid and shows it to an angry ticket recipient. George is chaperoned by Betty (Rebecca Gayheart) on a reaping and they are offered a ride by their very nice reapee. George is perplexed by Betty’s attempts to make the passage friendly and pleasant, even taking pictures. Mason (Callum Blue) steals Roxy’s (Jasmine Guy) keys and starts ripping off parking meters to steal change. She runs him down with her meter-maid cart and takes her keys back.

George tries to skip out on her next reaping—a man who sells miniature waffles at the Waffle House, named J.P. Davis (Matthew Robert Kelly). She falls asleep in front of the TV, but a Graveling appears to her and shuts it off. When Rube finds out, he takes her to the morgue. The guy died anyway, and she has to free the man’s soul, who is horribly traumatized from experiencing his own autopsy from the inside.

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