Roxy’s (Jasmine Guy) appointment, J.H. Arnold (Kenneth McIntyre) doesn’t show up in time for his death, and Rube (Mandy Patinkin) tells George (Ellen Muth) that this can happen and the appointment is rescheduled. Having been killed in a freak accident by a toilet-seat from space, George is a bit miffed. She thinks maybe she can save P.J. Monroe (Peter Hanlon), who is her next reap.

Rube and Mason (Callum Blue) pop the souls of a busload of elderly gamblers on the way to Las Vegas. They return to Seattle by plane, but Mason attracts the attention of a drug-sniffing dog and Rube jokingly threatens a crying baby, and they are arrested. The drug-filled condom in Mason’s colon breaks. George gets into P.J. Monroe’s office by claiming that his son drugged her and forced her to have sex with homeless people on film, hoping to get Monroe to cancel his 2:00 appointment with Death. But he just gives her money. She returns to Happy Time expecting good karma, but everything is the same. She realizes to her horror that she is a team player.

She is given a whole stack of post-it notes by Rube. He knew she tried to fix the appointment and gives her a lecture. It seems that P.J. Monroe set off a chain-reaction that killed many more people because the problem she gave him caused him to ignore safety-testing results and dozens of people died when their sweat dripped into the faulty wiring of his exercise belt. Rube gives up on her and the Gravelings harass her, keeping her awake all night. Her mother (Cynthia Stevenson) finds a dead bird in Reggie’s (Britt McKillip) backpack.

Roxy shows up and she’s pissed off too. It seems that J.H. Arnold missed his appointment because of her and the Gravelings are after her too. In the end, George bonds with Roxy, realizing that Roxy has a worse job than she does, as does Crystal (Crystal Dahl), and Rube is too curious about the post-it notes to stay mad forever. This is the last episode written by Bryan Fuller.

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