Realizing that she has no friends—only co-workers--George (Ellen Muth) can’t be happy with either of her jobs, living or dead, and looks to make some friends. She tries to bond with her boss Delores (Christina Willes) but can’t sit through a scrapbooking club meeting. She considers showing off bone fragments and a testicle dissolved in nuclear waste from her other job, but just leaves the club. She makes up a family for her Millie persona.

She does have a friend in Betty (Rebecca Gayheart) however. They talk about her jet pilot brother in the Gulf War and Betty’s compulsion to take pictures of everyone she reaps. The man opposite them—Chuck (Gary Jones)—wonders why they seem interested in him until he collapses and dies of the venomous spider-bite he got that morning. They reap him.

Later, Betty brings sacks of Data and pictures of reapees to George’s apartment. The next day, she realizes that the ordinary living people she works with are just as idiosyncratic as the reapers she knows. Rube (Mandy Patinkin) and Betty take her to a reap in the park. Someone named M.J. Bowers is going to die at a family reunion, but there are two of them—one lighting a stove and the other a kid stuck in a tube slide—and they don’t know which one will die. But it turns out to be a third who is hit in the head by a kayak (Frank Cassini).

Meanwhile, Mason (Callum Blue) reaps the soul of an old jazz singer named Florence (Jackie Burroughs), who had sung with Louis Prima’s band in her youth, and he spends the day stealing her stuff and forging her Social Security checks. They wait together for her entrance to the afterlife and he buries her in the backyard.

George and Betty go to a bar to reap the soul of Patrick Cassidy (Terrence Kelly), an Irishman who is impaled by a plastic swordfish at his birthday party. They take him out to leap into eternity from what he thinks are the Cliffs of Dover and Betty decides to join him. First, George takes her picture and is given her ring. Rube can’t figure out what happened to Betty. What she did was not supposed to be possible..

George brings some of her albums to the scrapbooking party, but she is criticized because it’s not a scrapbook, it’s just a picture album. Meanwhile, Rube is still wondering what happened to Betty. She had died in the Twenties after diving off a cliff and met Rube right afterwards. It was he who reaped her back then. This was the final appearance of Rebecca Gayheart in the series.

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