Betty is gone and George (Ellen Muth) misses her. She was George’s best friend. She is replaced by Daisy Adair (Laura Harris) an actress who died in the Forties and has been transferred from the New York Bureau. She is full of lurid tales from Old Hollywood, like giving Errol Flynn a hand job under the craft services table. She is sunny and cheerful and George hates her instantly. Not only are they colleagues, but she has been installed in George’s room temporarily, arriving with huge steamer trunks, and they are roommates. Daisy begins taking over George’s life. Finally, George decides to kick her out, but Daisy breaks down in tears. But she was only rehearsing lines.

George concentrates on her day-job at Happy Time Temporary Services, but she is forced onto the Happy Time Cobras bowling team by her boss Delores (Christine Willes) and the rest of the team resent it. On her first game, they kick her off the team and replace her with Russ Spinner (Gordon Tipple). Rube (Mandy Patinkin) asks George if she would rather be the ball or the pin.

George’s sister Reggie (Britt McKillip) has stopped going to school. Her Mom, Joy (Cynthia Stevenson), insists she needs therapy, but her Dad, Clancy (Greg Kean), supports her. Mom follows her and finds her monument to George—a tree hung with toilet seats. Reggie goes to therapy and her mother is kicked out so the therapist can talk to Reggie without her mother’s interference. Rube is in the doctor’s waiting room waiting to reap somebody. The therapist, Doctor Janice Hanson (Lorena Gale) suggests they do something to honor George’s memory. Reggie unpacks all of George’s stuff and turns her room into a temple.

The dead keep turning up and have to be reaped. Norman P. Plotkin (Bruce Fontaine), a water-deliveryman, steps on the wet floor after a Graveling switches on the water. The jug falls into his mouth and he drowns, and Rube reaps him. Russ Spinner, George’s replacement on the bowling team, goes to have the team logo tattooed on his back, when an irate customer storms in and shoots him. Or shoots the tattoo artist, who stabs Russ in the neck. It’s not clear which. George has to join the team, but she bowled as a child and wins the game for the team.

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