Rube (Mandy Patinkin) goes off on a mission and leaves Roxie (Jasmine Guy) in charge. We know he’s trying to track down someone from his life. Daisy (Laura Harris) goes to a hotel on a reap, dressed as a hotel maid, and meets her mark. She is a mistress (Julie Patzwad) wanting to break up with her married lover. Daisy reaps her and hides in a closet with a Graveling and witnesses the girl’s murder by her paramour. She is devastated. Later, Roxie investigates as a cop and finds that Daisy wrote the killer’s name down on a pad. At George’s office, a guy collapses, but someone has been using the defibrillator to cook grilled-cheese sandwiches. Fortunately, he’s just faking it for the demonstration.

George’s sister Reggie (Britt McKillup) goes to school but her project about the human heart is not ready. A boy who’s fond of her gives his demonstration using a real human heart he bought on the Internet. The teacher (Julia Arkos) is horrified but Reggie is impressed. Reggie wonders why George dropped out of college. She wants help from mom building a model of the heart, but she is sleeping over with Dad (Greg Kean), so Mom stays up all night working on the model. The dog eats part of the homework. Reggie asks if Dad’s student lover broke up with him and the answer is yes. Reggie falls asleep and Dad writes down a great poem about the human heart.

George goes to the funeral of the man she reaped at the Country Club because she’s got the hots for his son Trip (Robin Dunne). She brings Mason with her, who has a great time eating at the buffet, drinking at the free bar, and stealing things from the rich guests, including a diamond necklace off a dog. Trip’s bitchy sister Ashley (Emily Holmes) hunts down Trip and finds him under the buffet table, making out with George. She finds out that he doesn’t actually know her last name. George has to leave to reap at a gay wedding, where the guy who catches the bouquet (Jody Racicot) falls and dies. She returns to her apartment and finds Trip there. Mason gave him the address. They spend the night together, but the morning is a bit awkward. Reggie’s demonstration is a hit. The model heart is a bit chewed, but everyone is impressed by the poem. At work, George uses CPR to bring a dummy back to life.

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