George (Ellen Muth) and Roxie (Jasmine Guy) are looking to reap someone named A. Simms at a homeless encampment under a railroad bridge. A train dislodges a piece of steel that falls and kills a guy called Montana (Frank C. Turner), who used to be Arthur Simms. Someone takes his jacket and George protests, but the soul of Arthur Simms says the guy can have it. George’s sister Reggie (Britt McKillup) won’t smile for the school picture until a Goth girl makes a joke and they become friends. There is a flashback of George (Talia Ranger) trying to sell girl-scout cookies.

Rube has come back from his trip somewhat changed. Daisy is going to be on Ray’s (Eric McCormack) TV show and Mason (Collum Blue) doesn’t like the idea at all. George goes to the morgue with Mason and they pretend to be relatives of Arthur Simms, who is John Doe according to his toe-tag. George writes his real name on the tag but the morgue attendant (Peter Kalamis) informs her that she is now responsible for his burial. The homeless shelter manager brings Montana’s pitiful possessions to George at work—a few pictures in a lunchbox. She doesn’t want them and the homeless shelter guy gives her shit for not caring. Delores (Christine Willes) overhears and cuts George a check for $400 to pay for the burial. George contemplates using it to buy a nice leather jacket, but Delores shows her pictures of the children she is sponsoring in various countries and George feels guilty.

At the bar with Ray, Daisy is told there are hidden cameras and she is browbeaten and romanced into seducing a guy she thinks is an actor. Mason shows up and smells a rat. Rube finds his mark, Scratch (Santo Lombardo) tagging a billboard on top of a building and tries to talk the guy into coming down, but he won’t do it. But it turns out that his tags are obscuring the previous tags of another graffiti artist who shows up. This is in fact Rube’s reap, and the guy up top drops a can of paint on his head and kills him.

Raven (Nicole Potvin), Reggie’s new Goth friend, visits Reggie. She borrows charcoal for Reggie’s makeup.  Her Mom (Cynthia Stevenson) doesn’t care for the look, but at least Reggie has a friend. Reggie is now called Spider. Daisy is a fantastic actress and actually seduces the guy. He goes off to wait for her and his wife Melissa (Patti Vista) shows up. It seems it was all part of a money-making scheme to give the woman ammunition for a divorce, and there is no TV show at all. Ray treats Daisy with contempt but kisses her and Mason is incensed.

Two more Goth girls are brought for dinner. Mom appears in a black dress with black eye makeup. Her estranged husband (Greg Kean) shows up and is turned on but is chased away because no boys are allowed. The girls play a game in which they choose a horrible death and Reggie picks being hit by a toilet seat from space. Mom chases the girls out and makes Reggie wash her face. George pays for the burial, but there is no funeral, no coffin, and no grave. She is simply given a plastic bag of ashes. She brings them to the Waffle Haus and the waitress (Patricia Idlette) isn’t happy. Mason confronts Daisy about what she did. With Roxie, George goes to the homeless encampment and surrounded by Montana’s friends, they dump his ashes in the river.  

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