While George (Ellen Muth) is spying on her family, Rube (Mandy Patinkin) remembers his own family, when he sang “Always” to his daughter many years ago. Mason (Callum Blue) slept overnight in Der Waffle Haus because Daisy kicked him out of the apartment. Rube says he can’t sleep there. There is a visitor to see Rube—Penny (Yeardley Smith), the reaper from the hospital, who died on the Titanic. She has a post-it note for Rube. His daughter Rosie (Eve Brenner) is about to die in a retirement centre.

George’s mother, Joy (Cynthia Stevenson)  is packing up the belongings of their dog, J.D. She suggests to Reggie (Britt McKillup) that they get another dog, but she doesn’t want that. She loves the frog that she is certain, rightly, George gave her. Dad (Greg Kean) gives shit to the neighbour for leaving the gate open, allowing J.D. to run out and get killed. Reggie’s parents  talk about counseling for Reggie and she overhears their conversation. George and Mason run into a busker on the street and Mason steals money from him.

At Happy Time, Delores (Christine Willes) has George’s personnel file when she worked there before she was killed. She had promised to give a copy to George’s mother, but Delores is ashamed of how perfunctory it was. George looks up various people at Happy Time and learns all kinds of interesting things, such as the fact that weird receptionist Crystal Smith (Crystal Dahl) was in the Special Forces. The file says that George has no respect for authority, was difficult, and probably wouldn’t last long. Delores and George start to re-write it, basing George on George. George suggests all kinds of great character traits.

Mason wants to live with Roxie, but she won’t even consider it. Kiffany (Patricia Idlette) kicks him out of Der Waffle Haus completely when he steals her tips. Roxie literally throws him out the door, telling him to enjoy the street—it’s all you got. He keeps coming back with apologies and flowers for Kiffany until she tells him that the tips he stole were for all the staff and the Waffle House is precious to her as a clean, well-lighted place where she feels safe. He is allowed to hang out but can’t sleep there.

George’s family goes to a dog-burial place but decide to bury him in the back yard instead. Reggie talks to him. Reggie asks him, if he sees George in the afterlife, to say thanks for the frog and Reggie is sorry she left the gate unlatched and got him killed. Her parents tell her J.D.’s death was not her fault, and now Dad has to apologize to the neighbour. Mom tells Dad he was a good father but it doesn’t make him a good husband. Daisy’s reap, P. Anderson (Gavin DeGraw) is the street musician. Graveling Ray causes a window to fall out of a building and kill him, but it also kills a man trying to give him money, who wasn’t supposed to die.

Daisy realizes that Ray is an out-of-control force for evil. She tells Mason and George about it. George is not afraid. He shows up and threatens her and she reaps him, causing him to dissolve into nothing. Penny brings Rube to the retirement centre, where his daughter Rosy is sitting on a park bench as if waiting for someone. She recognizes him immediately. He sings to her and she dies in his arms. Mostly because of Rube, this is one of the most beautiful and emotional episodes of the series.

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