Zack Allen (Jeff Conaway) is recruiting telepaths for the War with the Shadows. Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) and Ivanova (Claudia Christian) wonder if Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) can contact the Telepath Underground Railroad. A maintenance technician in Grey Sector is attacked and missing. On Minbar, Delenn (Mira Furlan) and Lennier (Bill Mumy) arrange to send Jeffrey Sinclair’s effects back to his family. Delenn is reluctant to take on his former role as Ranger One. Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) is told of the incident in Grey Sector. Ivanova finds Franklin in Downbelow. He agrees to give her the information she wants providing nobody bothers him so he can straighten out his stim addiction. In Grey Sector, Garibaldi learns that there are only 29 levels instead of 30.

Sheridan encourages Delenn to take over the Rangers, but she is not sure that would be popular. She is confronted by Neroon (Jon Vickery). He opposes the rise of the religious caste over the warrior caste and wants the job himself. Lennier doesn’t trust Neroon. Garibaldi is counting the time it takes in the elevator to traverse Grey Sector and finds that the trip from Grey 16 to Grey 17 takes twice as long as the others. He pries open the door and finds a forgotten level of the station. Then he hears a sound and is incapacitated.

Lennier speaks to Ranger Marcus Cole (Jason Carter) about Delenn and Neroon. Minbari must not attack Minbari, but Cole is human. Garibaldi wakes up on the forgotten level, stripped of his link and his weapon. He is welcomed by the mysterious Jeremiah (Robert Englund). He speaks in philosophical riddles about the universe being alive and only the Minbari know it. Rangers begin to arrive on the station for Delenn’s ceremony. Cole waylays Neroon on the way and challenges him to a duel. Cole is outmatched. Neroon wonders why Cole has attacked him and Cole says he is willing to die for Delenn.

Garibaldi is sealed in the hidden level of the station. He takes Jeremiah hostage. They find the bloody remains of the missing technician’s clothes. Jeremiah says he doesn’t believe in violence. There is a shriek, which turns out to be a Zarg. Neroon arrives at the ceremony but does not challenge Delenn. He throws down a bloody pike and leaves, remarking that the human Rangers would never die for him. Lennier finds Cole barely alive. Garibaldi manages to kill the Zarg. Neroon visits Cole in Medlab and admits that seeing a human invoke Galen’s name and be willing to die for a Minbari has changed him. Garibaldi turns up in Sheridan’s office and gives him a long story about Grey 17.

J. Michael Straczynski said he wanted to apologize to the fans for the episode, and particularly the Zarg creature. He pranked Jason Carter by implying Marcus Cole would die in the battle with Neroon. Robert Englund makes a little Freddy Kreuger gesture for attentive fans. I have to say it wasn’t a very good episode, though the pike battle wasn’t bad. I think JMS could have apologized for wasting Robert Englund, who is capable of being incredibly scary. We find an entire mysterious missing level in Babylon Five, where Robert Englund dwells in secret, and he’s just a dotty philosopher.

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