Londo Mollari (Peter Jurasik) is furious about the Narn heavy cruiser outside Babylon Five. He demands that all Narn vessels are to be turned over to the Centauri. Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) points out that the agreement is between the Centauri and Earth Alliance, and Babylon Five is not part of the latter. Telepath Lyta Alexander (Patricia Tallmann) arrives, looking for Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs), but he is on walkabout in Downbelow. Lyta wants to know if anyone was with Kosh when he died. The cryptic new Vorlon ambassador arrives.

G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas) meets with the Narn Captain Na’Kal, who has been on the run from the Centauri for months. Not much of the Narn fleet survives. Na’Kar wants to strike back, but G’Kar thinks that defending Babylon Five is the most important task. Captain Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) and Ivanova (Claudia Christian) are going to meet the new Vorlon ambassador. Garibaldi finds Franklin Down below. The Vorlon ambassador views Kosh’s quarters, where he died, and asks Lytra if Kosh left anything in her. He did not and she does not know if anyone has anything of him left.

Lyta sees Sheridan. She senses a piece of Kosh in him but says nothing. In the War Room, Sheridan points out that the Shadows have a weakness—a vulnerability to telepaths. He wants to take Lyta with him in the White Star. Franklin is drawn to a singer, Cailyn James ((Erica Gimpel) in Downbelow. G’Kar asks Na’Kal to back up the White Star, but he wants to be ready to attack the Centauri and take back the Narn world.

In hyperspace, the White Star and a Minbari cruiser wait for Shadows. Garibaldi scolds G’Kar because the Narn cruiser has not aided Sheridan, after he sheltered the cruiser. He returns the Book of G’Quan. Franklin’s girlfriend wants a narcotic to sleep and he says no. Sheridan tells Lyta he saw Kosh’s death in a dream. A Shadow vessel is attacking other ships and Lyta cannot engage with it. He touches her and she can see in his mind that the Shadows killed Kosh. Suddenly enhanced, she can stop the Shadow vessel dead in space. The White Star, with its jump engines offline, can destroy it.

Franklin’s girlfriend has stolen his identicard. Four Shadow vessels arrive to destroy the White Star, which is vulnerable with its jump engines off. Telepaths on the Minbari ship stop three of the Shadow ships, but Lyta is exhausted and the fourth Shadow vessel is coming in for the kill. Suddenly, the Narn heavy cruiser arrives and helps the White Star to destroy the Shadows. G’Kar arrives leading a fleet of League ships and the Shadows retreat.

Franklin wakes to find his girlfriend passed out and takes her to Medlab. She has terminal neuro-paralysis. He arranges to get drugs to her so she can continue to sing for those Downbelow for the brief time she has to live. Lyta tells Kosh that someone does have a piece of Kosh.

The new Vorlon ambassador, who wants to be called Kosh (We are all Kosh.), is named Ulkesh, and appeared in War Without End, Part One. Fans called him Darth Kosh because he seemed a lot darker, though he is still cryptically funny. Erica Gimpel was in the series Fame and sang the title song. She’s really good, and there is another song over the end credits.

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