As soon as Captain Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) understood that telepaths could disrupt the Shadows, he began to recruit as many telepaths as he could find. They have been sequestered in residence camps and ships belonging to the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. He is exhausted, but seldom leaves the War Room. Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) is on walkabout and hasn’t been seen in more than a week. Brother Theo (Louis Turenne) and his monastic order are a calming influence at the station. G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas) wants to put Narn bodyguards with the telepaths. Londo Mollari wants to deal with G’Kar once and for all. He needs Vir (Stephen Furst) to lure G’Kar back to the Narn home world.

Ivanova (Claudia Christian) is with Brother Theo when he welcomes Reverend Dexter (Mel Winkler), Rabbi Leo Meyers (Erick Avari), as well as Chong and Rashid Abdul, to Babylon Five. Delenn (Mira Furlan) meets Sheridan in the War Room and orders him to take a rest. He has had nightmares since Kosh was killed. She insists that he meet with his invited guests at dinner. Lord Refa (William Forward) has arranged to meet Londo. Vir is to tell G’Kar that his attaché Na’Toth, assumed dead, is being held by the Centauri in the Kha’Ri dungeon maze of the occupied Narn home world, and only G’Kar can find her there. Vir resists but Londo blackmails him into complying. Emperor Cartagia wants Refa and Londo to bury the hatchet.

Sheridan and Delenn have dinner with the religious figures on the station. As ISN is now a propaganda machine and no information is coming from Earth, he hopes they will gather intelligence on what is going on back home. G’Kar goes to Garibaldi and says he needs to get to Narn in secret. He needs a ship to drop him off outside the capital and pick him up later. Garibaldi tries to talk him out of it. Vir is seized by Centauri agents and interrogated by Lord Refa. Reverend Dexter wants to have an old-fashioned Southern Baptist revival meeting on the station. Vir refuses to help Lord Refa, so he is scanned by a Centauri telepath.

G’Kar arrives on the Narn home world and meets with G’Dan (Wayne Alexander) of the Resistance. Elsewhere on the planet, Refa asks Drigo (Paul Keith) for guards to help him capture G’Kar. Sheridan and Delenn finally notice a pattern in the seemingly random Shadow attacks. He thinks the one place without attacks is a trap, as people will mass there to avoid the Shadows. Delenn says he’s beginning to think too much like Shadows. Londo rescues Vir. On Narn, G’Kar is trapped by Lord Refa. But G’Kar reveals via a hologram message from Londo that the whole story was a trap for Lord Refa.

Londo was told to end the feud and this is his way. G’Kar is getting revenge on Lord Refa’s destruction of Narn. Also, he is getting 2000 Narns released from prison. Refa will be called a traitor and his house will no longer be a threat to Londo. Fake evidence is planted on Refa and the Narns proceed to beat him to death. Back on Babylon Five, Vir is angry that he was used in this way by Londo. The White Star is in hyperspace. Delenn reveals an entire fleet of such ships to Sheridan.

William Forward, when he heard that Lord Refa was to die, asked J. Michael Straczynski what he had done wrong. Nothing, he was told, it was necessary for the story arc. In fact, Forward was great and a whole episode was written around Refa’s death. The horrific death scene is intercut with the wildly inappropriate music of a joyful Black church revival meeting. This editing trick was used in similarly powerful scenes in The Godfather and in Cabaret.

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