The irritatingly cheerful voice of the radio announcer encourages every Villager to participate in the craft show. Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) is playing chess near the beach and Number Two (Leo McKern) turns up. A helicopter lands and an unconscious woman (Nadia Gray) is taken out on a stretcher. Number Six is invited to the Green Dome and he and Number Two watch the woman wake up on the big screen. Number Two says she is the new Number Eight and will be Six’s neighbor.

Back in his cottage, Six discovers Number Eight emerging, looking confused, and asking for directions to the Green Dome. She returns later, introducing herself as Nadia, not Number Eight, and says she suspects he is a Village spy. The next day, she tries to escape by swimming out to sea but Rover brings her back to be interrogated at the hospital. To put an end to her torture, Number Six agrees to participate more in Village life, and he enters the craft show.

Eventually, Six and Eight become close and plan to escape together. She says she knows that the Village is on the Baltic Coast of Lithuania, close to Poland. At the craft show, everything is an homage to Number Two, except Number Six’s entry—an abstract entitled Escape. He wins First Prize and uses his winnings to buy a tapestry made by another winner. That night, Six and Eight escape in a boat made from his craft project and using the tapestry as a sail. Rover is unable to catch them.

When they reach land, they meet Nadia’s contact Karl (David Arlen). Six borrows his watch because his own is ruined by seawater. Six and Eight are sent to London in  a crate. They are delivered to Six’s old office and meet his former bosses. They suspect he is a double agent, but he agrees to tell them why he resigned if they guarantee Nadia’s protection. As they talk, he hears Big Ben chiming. Looking at his watch, he sees the correct time, but if they had come from Poland, the borrowed watch would be incorrect. He searches the office and finds a tape recording of London sounds. He leaves the building and finds himself in the Village, and Nadia is standing with Number Two.

The episode was written by Vincent Tilsley and directed by Don Chaffey. In an alternate version of the episode, Six uses an ancient Greek measuring device to determine the position of the Village, and the big wheel of the Penny Farthing bicycle in the closing credits becomes the Earth, while the canopy is covered with stars. Patrick McGoohan, as a devout Catholic, would not do romantic scenes with actresses, so his daughter stood in for Nadia Gray, which actually seems a little creepier to me. Richard Watts played a character named Fotheringay. He was one of the actors in McGoohan’s previous series, Danger Man. David Arlen, Eight’s contact, did not speak Russian, but Nadia Gray was fluent and taught him to speak in the proper dialect. Apparently, Rover has two little baby Rovers to help out, but it’s still scary. Since Number Eight’s bosses are part of the scam, it appears that they work for whoever runs the Village.

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