Number Two (Colin Gordon) is ordered by Number One to investigate whether Number Six (Patrick McGoohan) sold information just before resigning from his intelligence agency. Number Two tells Number Fourteen (Sheila Allen) to ready her interrogation machine. With the help of an injection, it will influence the victim’s dreams. They have the dossiers of three foreign agents he met at a party hosted by Madame Engadine (Katherine Kath) just before resigning. They are referred to as A, B, and C.

Number Six is sedated with his evening tea, brought to Fourteen’s lab, and connected to the machine. Number Two and Number Fourteen observe his visions of the party and insert, one at a time, the dossiers. A (Peter Bowles) is a defector and Six refuses to sell him his secrets. Six escapes from A and his henchmen. B (Annette Carell) asks leading questions and Six avoids answering. Fourteen speaks directly to Six with the machine. But he is suspicious, and when B is threatened by hostile agents, he doesn’t save her. Two determines that neither A nor B is the one they’re looking for. Two sends Six home, but Six has vague memories of the procedure and follows Fourteen around the Village until he finds her lab. The next night, Six fakes drinking the drugged tea and pretends to be drugged.

Number Two uses the dossier on C, whose identity is unknown. The visions they get are blurred and distorted. Fourteen thinks it’s from overuse of the machine. It turns out that C is Madame Engadine, who states that she must take Six to her superior, called D. According to Six’s memory, D is actually the astonished Number Two. Six has taken over the dream process. His consciousness returns to the lab and speaks directly to Two and Fourteen. He hands Two an envelope that was believed to be the security information on sale but is only travel brochures. He tells them his resignation was not the result of having sold out and they’re on the wrong track. Number Two is startled and frightened that his phone from Number One starts to ring.

The episode was written by Anthony Skene and directed by Pat Jackson. It rains in the episode, the only time it does in the series, though a lot of people carry umbrellas. Annette Carell, who plays B, died a week after the episode was aired. The car is a 1962 Alfa Romeo Giulia 1600 Spider. Colin Gordon also played Number Two in the next episode in this chronology, entitled The General, and his discomfort in that episode can be explained by Number One being on his case in this one. But the order in which they aired was different in different parts of the U.K., and these two were sometimes reversed, allowing other theories to be created.

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