Sarah (Lena Headley) and Cameron (Summer Glau) are in the office of psychiatrist Doctor Boyd Sherman, who happens to be on the Terminator hit list, but they bug out before he comes in. Catherine Weaver (Shirley Mason) is having a photo shoot and the photographer asks if her daughter Savannah (MacKenzie Brooke Smith) can be in it, but the child runs way, having peed in fright. One of the photographers suggests Doctor Sherman. His room is bugged by Catherine now, as well as the Connors.

Eating a hotdog in the park, Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green) notices someone jogging behind him and follows her. It is Jesse (Stephany Jacobsen), a resistance fighter from the future. He realizes she is AWOL, frightened by a reprogrammed Terminator who didn’t stay that way. She comes on to Derek, who rejects her. Savannah is with Doctor Sherman. She wants her old mom back, whom we know has been replaced by a Terminator. In the office outside, John teaches the child how to tie her shoes. John is interviewed by the doctor and says there is nothing wrong with his life. Weaver watches tape of the real Catherine Weaver to try to copy her better.

Weaver’s techs are working on the Turk, but they are puzzled. Sherman realizes it is just telling a joke. Weaver offers him a job, which he refuses. Sarah doubts that a T-888 would be sent to terminate Sherman. A time displacement sphere appears on a bus and a slim redheaded Terminator—Rosie (Bonnie Morgan)—emerges. It kills the driver and takes his clothes, then it kills Sherman’s assistant (Jennifer Chang) and takes her place. Derek returns to Jesse’s hotel, and they end up in bed. Afterward, she sends him on an errand so she can hide surveillance photos of John and Derek.

Agent Ellison notices a restricted underground level in Weaver’s company. She says they are building something. She is building a Tower of Babel out of building blocks for her daughter. John returns to retrieve a recording device from Sherman’s office. In the waiting room, Cameron runs into the newly arrived Terminator, and they begin to fight, though they turn away and pause when humans come in. Cameron shuts down the Terminator and brings it home. The Connors wonder if it was there to kill or to protect Sherman and notice that the chip burned out to prevent it from being reprogrammed. During one of Savannah’s sessions with Sherman, Weaver offers him a job working on the childish A.I. they call John Henry. We learn that John had killed Margos Sarkissian, with his bare hands, to protect his mother, if we didn’t already guess that.

Rosie the Riveter—sorry, Rosie the Terminator—was played by a stuntwoman when Cameron folded her up like an according and dumped her. She is an actual contortionist in real life. Cameron took her chip. The Turk has a better sense of humor than Catherine Weaver. The whole episode seems to be about shell-shock and PTSD.