Riley (Leven Rambin), sneaking out of John’s (Thomas Dekker) room, fails to re-arm the alarm system and the Connors are robbed. Since they can’t very well call the police, they have to go out and steal back their stuff, including their fake documents. Agent Ellison (Richard T. Jones) meets a Terminator that looks just like him. Just as it’s about to kill him, Cromartie (Garret Dillahunt) destroys it, believing that Ellison, sooner or later, will lead him to John Connor.

Cameron’s (Summer Glau) picture is uploaded from the halfway house and Cromartie sees it. He goes looking for her with Jody (Leah Pipes) claiming to be Cameron’s uncle. Investigating the grocery store, he misses John and Riley by seconds. Ellison is arrested in Pete Meyer’s murder because he was seen with him. The detective (Scott Vance) interviewing him thinks he is cracking up after the loss of his team. Ellison asks for Catherine Weaver’s (Shirley Manson) help.

Cromartie gets tired of Jody and throws her out of his car. He closes in on the Connor house, meeting neighbor Kacy Cotton (Busy Phillips) who alerts John. Riley claims it is her house and finding no trace of John, Cromartie leaves. He gets a hit on Sarah’s stolen credit card and traces it to a bowling alley. He finds three men killed by Cameron and offers to protect the fourth from her in exchange for the Connors’ address. Detective Kaplan (Scott Vance), investigating Ellison, hears about a man appearing out of thin air, naked, killing a man, and stealing his clothes. The detective, who is really T-1001 Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson), says the judge called the witness a nut-job, so Ellison is cleared and discusses the incident with Weaver. In an argument about Riley’s security risk, John vents at his mother.

The episode was criticized for plot-holes and sloppy research. For one thing, why do the Connors have a house alarm to call the police when the place is filled with unregistered guns and fake IDs? I thought Cameron was their burglar alarm. The biblical references are a bit screwed up. This is kind of awkward when so much of the story is biblical, and a main character is a biblical scholar played by an ordained minister.

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