In his dreams, Agent Ellison (Richard T. Jones) remembers digging up Cromartie’s body in Mexico. A sound sends him into the yard, where he finds Cameron (Summer Glau) probing the ground with a rebar, looking for the body. She tells Ellison to go back to bed. Sarah (Lena Headey) and Derek (Brian Austin Green) break into Dakara Systems, which has a logo with three dots, and steal their hard drives. John (Thomas Dekker) finds they contain plans for an AI platform, but he doesn’t think Dakara has the money to develop them.

In the morning, John arranges an appointment for Sarah at Dakara Systems. She and Cameron pose as wealthy investors and meet with Alex Akagi (Eric Steinberg) and his son Xander (Eddie Shin). They learn about the AI named Emma and Dakara’s need for funding. Sarah shows interest and Cameron asks Xander if he plays chess. Jesse (Stephanie Jacobsen) comes out of the shower at her apartment to find her surveillance photos of John spread out. Derek pulls a gun and demands an answer. Jesse says she came back in Time to remove Cameron’s influence in John’s life. She asks Derek what he came back for, and he warns her off. We all know he came back for Sarah, don’t we?

Sarah and Cameron discuss the possible Dakara connection to the Turk AI. Cameron fails to see it, but Sarah is defiant. John visits Riley (Leven Rambin) at her foster home and finds her depressed. He is unable to explain what happened in Mexico. Sarah has coffee with Alex and learns he has a chance to buy a powerful chip, but he needs half a million bucks for a Japanese software developer.

Riley goes shopping and is approached by Jesse. It seems Riley has been working for Jesse to help drag John away from Cameron. Riley is tired of it, but Jesse urges her to continue. It appears that Riley came from the future with Jesse. Sarah and Cameron count the cash and diamonds and can barely make half a million. John and Derek unload weapons from the truck and Derek probes John about his mental clarity. Sarah and Cameron attend a dinner with Alex and Xander and Minamoto (T.J. Kayama). Minamoto hands over the chip and they test it, discovering that it’s a fake. Sarah wants to go after Minamoto and is warned that he’s Yakuza. But Cameron tracks him down. Riley has a breakdown, screaming about the future to her foster mother and assaulting her.

Sarah, Derek, and Cameron raid Minamoto’s apartment and hold him at gunpoint. He says he is an actor and was hired by Alex. Sarah is convinced by Derek that this is true. She returns to Dakara and assaults Alex, demanding to know what the three dots mean in their logo. She threatens Alex and says Cameron will kill Xander. Alex confesses to the scam. Sarah lets them live and Cameron takes back the money. Derek visits Jesse again and tells her he is John’s uncle. Sarah sees her reflection in a mirror with three blood spots on her cheek and smashes the mirror.

Ellison arrives at ZeiraCorp to find that Doctor Sherman (Dorian Harewood) has died in an accident. He discovers that it was the Turk AI protecting itself from a power cut, Sherman having been trapped inside without ventilation. Ellison questions the Turk and decides it has no sense of ethics. He suggests, naturally, that Catherine Weaver (Shirley Mansion) teach it the Ten Commandments. Then she introduces Ellison to John Henry (Garret Dillahunt), which is Cromartie’s body attached to the Turk.

Strange things happen at the 1-2 point is from the game of Go. The 1-1 point is the corner, and the 1-2 point is the next squares. John Henry challenged a machine in the legend, and won, but he died. He may have been a real person from New Jersey who worked on the Railroad in 1870, possibly a penitentiary inmate, who were often hired for really dangerous work. He is one of the few black American folk-heroes. Sarah calls herself Gale in this episode, which like Baum is from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Frankly, I would not begin teaching ethics to AI with the Ten Commandments. That’s what Western Civilization started with and see how well that turned out.

I’d start with Asimov’s Laws.

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