Captain Lochley (Tracy Scoggins) notes that the telepaths have dug themselves into their compound, preparing to go on a hunger strike. Sheridan won’t help because he’s busy with the Interstellar Alliance. Many will not like Lochley’s solution, and some will end up dead. She puts in a call to Bester. Welders are trying to bore through into the compound, but the teeps on the other side of the wall are messing with their minds. Lochley decides to go in herself, against Zack Allen’s (Jeff Conaway) wishes. Byron (Robin Atkin Downes) hopes he got a message to her.

On Centauri Prime, Londo (Peter Jurasik) wonders why their war production has increased in peacetime. Londo and G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas) check out part of the palace and find G’Kar’s former aide Na’Toth (Julie Caitlin Brown) chained up. She does not know the war ended, or that Narn is free. She had been seized as entertainment, locked up, and forgotten about. G’Kar insists Londo find a way to get her back home. It will be difficult as the Emperor is dead and the Regent is losing his mind.

Unarmed, Lochley makes it into the telepaths’ compound. Garibaldi tells Sheridan what she has done. He also shows Sheridan a piece of Brakiri ship found at the site of a Drazi attack. Lochley gets in with only a flashlight and meets the telepaths, including Byron and Lyta (Patricia Tallman). She offers to escort out anyone who wants to leave. No-one takes her up on her offer and Byron lets her go.

G’Kar arranges a transport to Narn from the border, but he needs to get Na’Toth to that point. A woman informs them that a Babylon Five transport is leaving that night. Londo tells her to take off her clothes, which being a courtier she does. The Drazi accuse the Brakiri of attacking their planet, and the Gaim accuse the Drazi of attacking their ships. Sheridan suggests it was a setup. Delenn asks for time. Mollari orders Na’Toth bricked up, but he and G’Kar are taking her away. Bester arrives at Babylon Five.

Na’Toth is wearing the Centauri woman’s clothes, with a veil. Mollari pretends to be drunk and disorderly so everyone will avert their eyes and not see them. No-one stops them. Byron’s people learn that Bester is coming. They force a security officer to open an armory and arm themselves. Bester pushes the telepaths away from the wall with his mind and removes the blocks in the welders’ minds. But the teeps outside the compound attack. Byron is horrified with the killing going on in his name.

Sheridan and Delenn show the Gaim, Drazi, and Brakiri ambassadors that the White Star Fleet is protecting them, but they are not happy with the solution. G’Kar says good-bye to Na’Toth as her ship enters hyperspace. Bester welcomes the bloodhound units. Lochley prepares for bed, bracing herself for tomorrow. The episode was directed by Tony Dow. Andreas Katsulas is the best thing about it, and G’Kar and Londo working together. Byron and the telepath story seem headed for disaster. If JMS can come up with a way to solve this dilemma, I will be impressed. Having seen these stories many years ago, I remember next to nothing.

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