Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) and Delenn (Mira Furlan) have a sleepless night. The next day, the Interstellar Alliance Council Board presents evidence that the Centauri Republic is behind the military attacks on member worlds. Londo (Peter Jurasik) and Vir (Stephen Furst) are prevented from entering the chamber by Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) and a Security team.

Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) shows that each world builds weapons with unique components which can be found on the victims’ bodies. These were of Centauri manufacture, and Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) states that the attack patterns were consistent with Centauri training. Plus, he shows the button from a Centauri uniform that he found on the Drazi home world. G’Kar brings Londo to the meeting. Lennier plays his recording of a Centauri ship firing on the Brakiri. Londo is stunned and must admit that Lennier would not lie. He must speak with his government. Sheridan says that all trade with the Centauri Empire will cease.

Londo and Vir are waiting for a response from the Imperial Palace. The Regent has seen the evidence and pronounced it a fraud. At the next council meeting, Londo dutifully declares that the Centauri Republic is withdrawing from the ISA. Any attack on their vessels will be an act of war. He leaves the station but orders Vir to remain. G’Kar goes with Londo, as he is still his bodyguard. He leaves Delenn the final chapters of his book in case he never returns.

Sheridan asks Allan about Garibaldi. Allan finds him in his quarters and throws him a ball to test his hand/eye coordination. He fails and Allan realizes he is drunk. Garibaldi asks for more time before turning him in, to which Allan agrees. Sheridan does not want to attack any Centauri interests with White Stars. Garibaldi has to keep the blockade, though he doesn’t like the idea. Londo and G’Kar arrive at the palace and the Regent will not see them. The White Star 43 sends vital information about Centauri movements to Garibaldi, but he is passed out. Centauri ships attack the Alliance ships just as the White Star arrives.

Sheridan and Delenn are apprised of the situation. Vir is blocked from communication with Londo by the palace. Doctor Franklin arrives to take Vir somewhere safe. They are confronted by Brakiri in the corridor, but Franklin and Vir make their escape. Sheridan is fed up with the council’s bickering and accuses them of wanting a war. Minister Cholini (Thomas McGreevy) informs Londo he must imprison G’Kar, who is technically a member of the ISA. Londo declares that wherever G’Kar goes, he goes as well. So, they lock up both of them.

The episode was directed by Goran Gajic, Mira Furlan’s husband. The drama never lets up. The camerawork during Sheridan’s impassioned speech is pretty damn good. G’Kar shines, not only with Londo, but with Delenn. Everything is spiralling out of control. Garibaldi’s alcoholism has deadly consequences. The tragedy coming like a freight train could have been slowed down. Londo’s complaint that the evidence is circumstantial is correct. Keeping him out of the meeting as it is presented must surely be unconstitutional. And, sad to say, Garibaldi should have been put on leave.

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