Ivanova (Claudia Christian) oversees the last of the shuttles taking Nightwatch away, though Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) is still looking for hidden agents. Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) is still keeping the comm channels locked down. Delenn (Mira Furlan) meets with the crew of the Sharlin-class warcruiser that was instrumental in protecting Babylon Five and agrees to give Fleet Captain Lennan (Kim Strauss) a tour of the station. Sheridan tours the Zocalo and is in the hairs of a telescopic sight. The marksman is stopped by another who does not want Sheridan martyred.

Ranger Marcus Cole (Jason Carter) greets Delenn and Lennier (Bill Mumy). Delenn wants to perform the Nafak’cha, a rebirth ceremony. The funeral service for the soldiers killed in the battle takes place, with Sheridan in full dress uniform. Starfuries carry their bodies to Epsilon Eridani. Centauri Lord Refa (William Forward) meets with Londo Mollari (Peter Jurasik), who tells Lord Refa two frontlines are enough, but twelve is insane. Londo plays back a conversation with Morden (Ed Wasser) to show that Londo knows all about their alliance with the Shadows. They will turn on Centauri one day, and he wants Refa to break with Morden. Londo has just given Refa the first dose of a poison. At any time, he can be killed with a second dose. It’s just like the good old days of the Republic.

Garibaldi is changing the password codes. He leaves with Delenn, who wants to tell him about the rebirth ceremony, to which she will invite the command staff, plus the Narns and the Centauri to help bury grudges. The last of the Nightwatch meets to listen to orders from Earth. Delenn is in a dive Downbelow, looking for Marcus Cole. He does not want to join the ceremony. Garibaldi discovers his password reboot has reinstated an irritating computer personality. Nobody seems to want to be at the ceremony.

Marcus says the ceremony involves giving something up, but he has nothing left. Delenn says he can let go of his bad memories. She goes to met Lennan and both are kidnapped by Nightwatch. Garibaldi is informed, Marcus feels it is his fault. Boggs (Don Stroud) is the head of Nightwatch, who gives his demands—restore Nightwatch or they die. In Down below, Marcus wants answers or nobody in the bar will still be left standing. There is a struggle and the guard shoots Lennan. Boggs stops him from shooting Delenn.

Marcus has created a dilemma for himself, in that everyone in the bar is unconscious and no-one can tell him where Delenn is being held. Lennier appears. He is there to confess, as part of the ceremony, that he loves Delenn. Then somebody wakes up and Marcus gets his information. Ivanova reports to Sheridan that the reactor coolant noise could be heard in the message from Boggs. Marcus brings his information, and they figure out the prisoners are behind held in Grey 14. Sheridan plans to…surrender.

Boggs hears that the Minbari cruisers are leaving. He is pleased, but the reactant cooler starts to leak. He and his thugs leave, taking Delenn and Lennan with them. Security ambushes them in a corridor, one of the Nightwatch goons stabs Delenn in the back and Sheridan beats him to a pulp. Lennier reports that Delenn will recover, but the ceremony should happen now. Sheridan sacrifices his Earth uniform and confesses his love of Delenn. Garibaldi admits his fear of losing control. Ivanova admits that she was in love with Talia Winters. Franklin confesses his addiction to stims. Later, the people of Babylon Five see the command staff in new uniforms that Delenn has created for them.

Garibaldi’s rank of Chief Warrant Officer is first mentioned. The obnoxious AI was voiced by Harlan Ellison. Boggs has a nasty scar to show how bad he is. Ironically, it is real, and the actor got it saving a woman from being raped.

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