Ivanova (Claudia Christian) dreams that she has shown up naked to work, a nightmare she has had before. On Centauri Prime, Vir (Stephen Furst) is waiting to hear the Emperor’s opinion of his report on Minbar. Minister Milo Virini (Damian London) tells him the Emperor likes it but detects Londo Mollari’s influence and wishes Vir had stated his own true opinions. Vir returns to his room to find it full of Narns. Ivanova discusses her nightmare with Sheridan, telling him she showed up completely…unprepared. He says, at least she wasn’t naked as in his nightmares.

Londo Mollari (Peter Jurasik) has roaches in his room. Maintenance is backlogged. He ends up stabbing one with his sword and finds it different. The doorbell rings and a beautiful young Centauri woman (Carmen Thomas) appears, brightening his mood. Vir arrives at Babylon Five, but Londo is not there to meet him. Sheridan and Delenn (Mira Furlan) walk around the station, which is calm, so far. He offers her dinner. Londo’s doorbell rings again and it is Vir. Londo introduces him to the beautiful young woman, whose name is Lyndistry. She is betrothed to Vir.

Londo’s attempt to convince Vir of the marriage is interrupted by a search for the roach. Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) reports an increase of Narns on the station. The trouble is that their authorization papers are all signed by Abrahamo Lincolni. Vir and Lindisty walk in the garden. He wants to delay the marriage, and she kisses him. He goes to Ivanova, and she already knows he is the one authorizing the Narns. He is operating an underground railroad.

Sheridan is trying to cook a meal for Delenn. She appreciates the attempt. Vir meets Lyndisty and a Narn pulls a knife on her, calling her a murderer. Sheridan turns up and knocks down the Narn, who cuts cuts Sheridan before Zack arrives with Security. They have to shoot the Narn dead.

Ivanova speaks with Sheridan in Medlab, where his wound is being treated. He asks her to find out why the attack on Lyndisty. Later, Ivanova tells Vir the attacker’s pouch brother is also on the station and there may be more attacks. He asks her for romantic advice, but she knows nothing of Centauri sex and his innocent explanations are perplexing to her, to say the least. She does give him some basic advice on relationships, which he finds just as overwhelming.

Delenn comes to see Sheridan. Ivanova shows up with a connection between Vir and the dead Narn. In Londo’s quarters, Vir’s involvement with the underground railroad is revealed. Unfortunately, all the Narns he helped are declared dead, and the attacker was related to some of them. Londo admires Vir until he explains that the deaths were faked. Later, Vir meets with Lyndisty and learns she is a bigot when it comes to the Narns. She has killed many herself and offers the pouch brother’s life to him.

Londo covers up Vir’s transgressions--i.e., saving Narns. He blames the Minbari influence. Vir is recalled and must return to Babylon Five, and the marriage is called off. Ivanova presents Sheridan with a picture of Abrahamo Lincolni—Sheridan as a Centauri. It can be used to save Narns without Londo finding out. Lyndisty kisses Vir goodbye.

Garibaldi did not appear so Jerry Doyle could recover from his broken wrist. Vir’s reference to sending Narns “elsewhere” might be a reference to Stephan Furst’s former role in the 1982 medical drama St. Elsewhere. Vir’s underground railroad could be compared to Schindler’s List. The story was inspired by an experience of J. Michael Straczynski with a bunch of sweet old ladies who turned out to be horribly racist.

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