Anna Sheridan (Melissa Gilbert) who was supposed to have died at Z’ha’dum, arrives as her husband John Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner), is sleeping. Delenn (Mira Furlan) leaves in surprise. Anna apologizes for keeping her survival a secret, and she wants him to come with her to Z’ha’dum for a meeting with the Shadows. G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas) shows Ivanova (Claudia Christian) a shipment of 500 megaton nukes. She thinks they might come in handy.

Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) examines Anna and declares that she is who she says she is, though there is a scarring on the back of her neck. Delenn insists she had not known of Anna’s survival, but Sheridan is beginning to doubt her. Londo (Peter Jurasik) tells Vir (Stephen Furst) that he has been promoted to be an advisor to the Emperor Cartagia, but he is warned by an agent of the Shadows to leave the station.

The doctor thinks the scars on Anna’s neck are like those of Carolyn Sanderson and reveal Shadow implants. Anna tells Sheridan that her ship, the Icarus, followed a tracker from the Shadow vessel found on Mars to Z’ha’dum and was destroyed in an accident. As they were stranded and the Shadows were vulnerable from long hibernation, they reached an amicable agreement to study each other’s technology. Uh-huh. Sheridan agrees to go with her.

Sheridan asks Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) to issue identicards to the Minbari crew of the White Star. He also gives him surprising, secret orders. Sheridan arms himself and prepares to leave on the White Star. In the mirror, he sees Kosh again telling him that if he goes to Z’ha’dum he will die, and he leaves a message for Delenn. He and Anna leave on the White Star for Z’ha’Dum. She realizes the ship is partly Vorlon and warns that the Shadows believe touching anything Vorlon will kill them. He will use the shuttle.

On the surface, they pass the excavation site and into a structure. Sheridan is disarmed and they meet Morden (Ed Wasser) and Justin (Jeff Corey), a middleman. Delenn reads Sheridan’s message that he knows it’s a trap. On Z’ha’dum, Justin paints the Shadows as benevolent creatures who guide the younger races to be stronger and better through conflict. Uh-huh. Shadow vessels surround Babylon Five.

Justin says the Vorlons have been manipulating humans for centuries, creating telepaths, etc. Humans could be great among the younger races, but Sheridan is in their way. Draal, on the planet below Babylon Five, cannot be reached. A shadow enters the room, Sheridan pulls his hidden gun, shoots it and runs.

Sheridan, bloodied but unbowed, finds himself on a balcony overlooking a domed city. As the White Star prepares to fire on the city, he hears Kosh telling him to jump. He leaps into the chasm as the Shadows approach him. The White Star, armed with the nukes G’Kar gave them, destroys the city. Ivanova knows when Sheridan dies. Delenn mourns him. No trace of the White Star can be found. Garibaldi’s fighter is missing. Garibaldi has been abducted and taken to Z’ha’dum. The third season—Point of No Return—ends with many cliff-hangers.

The photo of John and Anna Sheridan’s wedding is an actual photo from Bruce Boxleitner and Melissa Gilbert’s wedding. The story of finding a Shadow vessel buried on Mars and becoming operational when it is dug up could be an homage to 2001. Melissa Gilbert had to scream twenty times before director Adam Nimoy decided she had it right. He, of course, is the son of Leonard Nimoy. So, basically, the Vorlons and the Shadows are feuding parents with incalcitrant young-race children. The acting, the tension, and the music are awe-inspiring, and G’Kar does the philosophizing beautifully.

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