Sarah dreams about killing the nuclear physicists who created the atom bomb. They come back as Terminators. She wakes up when they kill her. Her bed is covered in papers as she was reading what they had found in the Resistance safehouse. She decides to talk to Tarissa Dyson, widow of Miles. Sarah is paranoid about John and Cameron going to school. John tells Cameron not to act like a freak, but Cameron sets off the metal detectors when she walks through. He tells the security guard she has a plate in her head. John has missed eight years of recent history because he had time-traveled right over them.

Sarah finds Terissa Dyson (Charlayne Woodard) at Myles Dyson’s grave. Eventually, she tells Sarah that the man in the photo Sarah is looking for is Andrew Goode, a former Cyberdyne intern who is now a cellphone salesman. Agent Ellison (Richard T. Jones) studies the crime scene at the safe house. The same gun that killed the Resistance fighters killed his snitch, Enrique Salceda. The fingerprints are in no database, and why was the safe wired directly into the building’s power? Cromartie steals blood from the hospital.

Sarah meets Andy Goode (Brendan Hines) in the cellphone store, and they get along fine. He invites her to dinner, and she accepts. After, he shows her his highly intelligent chess-playing invention called the Turk. In school, John meets an interesting girl and Cameron transfers into the class to protect him. Agent Ellison interviews Carlos. Cromartie shows a scientist (Adam Godley) some complex equations and the scientist says he can help but will need large quantities of blood.

Cameron tries to seem like a human being but is considered weird by the mean girls. She tries to cheer up a depressed girl but doesn’t do so well. Cromartie shows his endoskeleton and dips himself in a pool of blood. John and Cameron witness a suicide attempt and Cameron prevents him from interfering. At home, he lashes out against Cameron and Sarah, asking them what kind of hero he could be if he won’t help those in need. Cromartie emerges from the blood bath covered in new skin, but without eyes. He kills the scientist and takes his. Ellison investigates the murder site, astonished at the amount of blood. Sarah burns down Andy’s house to destroy the Turk’s computer.

The Turk was an 18th Century automaton that appeared to be playing chess, but in fact there was a small person inside. Oppenheimer, after the Trinity atomic test, said, “I am become Death. Destroyer of Worlds,” quoting the Bhagavad Gita, in which Vishnu tells a pacifist that sometimes you just have to kill bad guys. When Sarah asks John how the first day at school with Cameron went, he says, “I didn’t die, and she didn’t kill anybody. Best first day ever.”

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