Cameron (Summer Glau) and John (Thomas Dekker) are riding in the truck. John asks if she’s okay and does she want to kill him. She says if she did, they wouldn’t be talking. She is sent for groceries as he goes to the electronics store. Outside the Connor house, pregnant Landlady Kacy Corbin (Busy Phillips) flags down Sarah and asks to be taken to the hospital.

Cameron begins to glitch in the grocery store and crashes into the watermelons. A cop asks her name. The remembers scary Terminator stuff—the girl on which her body was designed—and says her name is Allison Young. In the holding cell, she meets a street-kid named Jody (Leah Pipes). Kacy Corbin is in the hospital with Sarah at her side. Cameron and Jody are released. Jody notices Cameron’s huge roll of cash and she takes Cameron with her. John finds that he missed Cameron by an hour at the police station but is told that Jody hangs out at the Boulevard.

Kacy says she’s having a boy. She asks Sarah what that’s like. Sarah says she was hiking in the jungle and lies about John’s father. She phones John, who lies to her about losing Cameron.

Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson) and Agent Ellison (Richard T. Jones) meet in Catherine’s office. In the future, Allison is held in a cell, given prison food. Cameron likes Joy’s necklace, and Jody says it came from an awesome thrift store in Echo Park. Jody sees her angry ex-boyfriend coming and tries to take Cameron out the back. He punches Jody and grabs Cameron, who gives him money. They go to a halfway house and Cameron uses her makeup skills to hide Jody’s injuries. Jody thinks it’s because Cameron herself was abused.

Ellison stops at the Bureau. Lila (Fay Wolf), at the office, is Ellison’s ex-wife and notices he is different after his recent experiences. She promises to check out this Catherine Weaver. Cameron’s Allison says she lived in a tunnel and ate garbage. And she’s from Palmdale. Cameron calls Allison’s mother in the present time, who says she has no daughter yet, but she’s pregnant and likes the name. Kacy’s Trevor (Jon Huertes) is an LAPD cop.

Lila tells Ellison that Catherine Weaver checks out with nothing incriminating, but Ellison notices some discrepancies. John finds Cameron and Jody at the halfway house. Cameron does not recognize him. John tries to tell her that she is a machine, and her chip is messed up. She remembers men in cages, and tigers, and trying to escape the machines. She climbs a ladder and tries to escape but is captured again. She throws John against the wall, and he is booted out of the halfway house.

Allison remembers interrogation, being told by older John Connor about the machines and her new duties. She tells the social worker she is a machine, and she is looking for John Connor to put his head on a pike. She seems more and more like a Terminator. The social worker calls the police, but Allison and Jody are gone. Catherine introduces Agent Ellison to her daughter Savannah (Mackenzie Brooke Smith). Ellison agrees to work for Catherine, hunting Terminators.

Cameron remembers more about the future. She remembers breaking the real Allison’s neck. She begins to interrogate Jody and picks her up by the throat. John bursts in and Cameron leaves with him. Sarah admits that she lied about John’s father, who was not in the picture. She tells Kacy she can raise her baby on her own. John notices Cameron’s necklace and is told it came from an awesome thrift store in Echo Park.

The episode was highly praised because of Summer Glau’s acting. Busy Phillips was in fact eight months pregnant while filming. The working title of the episode was Camnesia.

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