Sarah (Lena Headey) takes Reese (Brian Austin Green) to see the grave of Kyle Reese. The Connors find an image of the next target for the mysterious force that attacked them. It is Savannah Weaver (MacKenzie Brooke Smith), the child John met at Doctor Sherman’s office. Savannah is trying to teach John Henry (Garret Dillahunt) to sing. Her teacher worries that she is communicating with a strange man and talks to Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson), who warns Savannah not to speak of him to others. At their house, a Terminator posing as a delivery man shoots Savannah’s babysitter. John Henry, monitoring the house, tells Savannah how to hide, but the Terminator finds her. John (Thomas Dekker) saves her, and Cameron (Summer Glau) takes on the Terminator. Derek is killed and John, Sarah, and Cameron leave with Savannah, monitored by John Henry.

News spreads of Savannah’s disappearance and the police ask questions. Ellison (Richard T. Jones) tells John Henry not to show Weaver the video surveillance. Savannah chats with John about John Henry. The detective in charge gives Ellison proof that someone involved with the Andy Goode investigation was found dead at the Weaver house. Sarah meets Ellison in a movie theater to hand over Savannah to him. As she leaves, she is arrested. Derek is buried by his brother.

The movie theater is showing Attack of the 50-foot Woman from 1950. The title, Adam Raised a Cain, is from a Bruce Springsteen song, as is the next episode, Born to Run. It appears that Weaver is a rival to SkyNet.

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