The TARDIS arrives on the Cornwall Coast in the 17th Century. The Doctor, Ben and Polly meet a churchwarden named Joseph Longfoot (Terence de Marney), who fears a crew called Avery’s Boys. The time-travellers move into the local inn, while the churchwarden is visited by a former shipmate of the Black Albatross under the pirate Captain Avery. The current Captain, Samuel Pike (Michael Godfrey), is looking for Avery’s gold. When Longfoot will not or can not help, he is killed. The Doctor and his companions are suspected of the murder. The local Squire (Paul Whitsun-Jones) charges Ben and Polly with the crime, but they escape. The pirates kidnap The Doctor and take him aboard The Albatross. Captain Pike makes an ally of the greedy Squire. They capture Polly and Ben and take them to the church for safe keeping. The Doctor Escapes and works with a the Revenue Men to save his companions from the pirates. The smugglers are quickly turning against each other, but The Doctor finds the gold for them and the Revenuers show up to arrest the pirates. In the ensuing hullabaloo, the time-travellers slip away in the TARDIS. Hardly anything of this story survives. Though it was remarkable for its effective Cornwall location shooting, it was never popular. Hartnell was becoming seriously ill and the decision was made not to renew his contract. The next story, The Tenth Planet, would be his last.

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