Rube (Mandy Patinkin) sends back his food and gets the stink-eye from the short-order cook, named Angus Cook (John Kapelos), who is depressed, having lost all his money in a pyramid scheme.

George (Ellen Muth), aided by Daisy (Laura Harris), reaps an old lady in the park, who has a gorgeous golden retriever. A Graveling makes it run off and the old lady is hit by a truck trying to run it down. Though the woman was old, George feels sorry for her and takes home the dog, named J.D. Actually, George has a bad track-record with pets. She killed her mouse, Speedy Gonzales, by feeding it a hot pepper. Next, she got an Easter chick named Tweety. The cat, Sylvester, ate it and choked to death. Her sister Reggie (Britt McKillip) killed her fish and then killed a Gerbil trying to teach it how to swim in the toilet because her mother had said that everyone should learn to swim.

Daisy, who is George’s unwelcome roommate, protests and is obviously lying about being allergic to dogs, but George tries to find another place to live with the dog. Rube told her not to get involved, and the cook kicks the dog out of the restaurant. George tries to leave the dog with Mason (Callum Blue), who uses it to get chicks, of course. Exhausted, George falls asleep at work and Dolores offers to put her and the dog up in her apartment, since her cat Murray is away having dialysis. But Dolores has a website on which people can watch her cleaning and sorting obsessively, and the room is full of cameras. George can’t stand people watching her sleep. So, she lowers the boom on Daisy, who gives in.

Angus the Cook chokes on a ham sandwich. Rube reaps his soul and takes on a shift at the grill of Der Waffle Haus. Angus hangs around after death to give Rube, who claims to be able to cook, pointers. Angus was devoted to short-order cooking but didn’t give a damn about the customers. Neither does Rube and he ends up pushing a plateful of food onto an irritatingly demanding customer. Satisfied, Angus finally passes on to the next life and Rube attends his funeral. Delores’s on-line fans don’t like George, so Delores has to let her go. She brings the dog to her parents’ home with a label and a gift-bow around his neck, and Mom (Cynthia Stevenson) takes it in. It sleeps in Reggie’s bed and Reggie sleeps on the floor. Asked what J.D. might stand for, Reggie says, “Just dog.”

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