Daisy (Laura Harris) steals a painting from a reapee, hoping to sell it at a profit because the artist is dead. He refuses to move on to the next life as long as she has it and follows her around. Rube says it’s her problem. Eventually, the artist decides that he painted it for her and moves on. George’s father (Greg Kern) buys a dog-door and her mother (Cynthia Stevenson) installs it. The dog, J.D., goes out and doesn’t come back. Mom, Dad, and sister Reggie (Brit McKillip) scour the streets looking for the dog.

Mason (Callum Blue) goes to reap a gay couple who will die the same day. He gets to know them and when one slips in the kitchen and dies, the other insists on stabbing himself. The dead guy’s soul gets Mason to point out drugs in the cabinet that he can take because it’s a less awful and messy way to die. He offers to switch apartments with George and Daisy, who hangs the painting prominently on the wall.

George (Ellen Muth) hates taking the bus and decides to get a better-paying job so she can afford to buy a bicycle. Delores (Christine Willes) and the others at Happy Time throw her a party and give her a bicycle bell as a parting gift. The party gets completely out of hand and Delores, for one, is clearly devastated that Millie (George) is leaving. George spends the night in the Waffle Haus and barely gets to her new job in time. It turns out that her boss, in the same room with her, requires her to use the computer to communicate with him instead of talking. She walks out and will have to go back to Happy Time the next day and ask for her old job back. Rube has bought her a bicycle. Out for a ride, she finds JD and pushes him through the dog-door. This was a nicely structured,  emotional and popular episode.

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