Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) and Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) talk to Drazi pilgrims visiting Babylon Five to see the place where Dro’shalla appeared. Ivanova receives four messages that say chaos is four hours away. Downbelow, a strange crate explodes. Also, a group of monks led by Brother Theo (Louis Turenne) arrive. At the bombing site, Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner), Garibaldi, and Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) investigate the damage. Ivanova is late to a meeting with Brother Theo, who says he and the monks have come to learn how other species see God. Ivanova is sceptical, but the monks offer to pay their way with work. Garibaldi determines that the explosion was in fact a bomb.

At Customs, Lennier (Bill Mumy) meets Delenn (Mira Furlan). There is another explosion and Lennier saves Londo (Peter Jurasik). Doctor Franklin pulls Lennier from the wreckage. Londo is grateful to Lennier. Garibaldi still does not think the bombings were terrorist attacks but doesn’t know why they happened. G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas) blames the Centauri and invents a conspiracy theory. Londo blames the Narns.

Londo visits Lennier in Medlab and insists on bending his comatose ear. Another bomb is discovered. It is a primitive device. Parts are traced to Vega VII and Proxima III. They want to check security footage, but that is a time-consuming job. Ivanova gives it to Brother Theo and the monks. A bomb traps Londo and G’Kar in the same elevator. Londo finds the door hot to the touch and fears they will be burned alive. G’Kar laughs. If he were to kill Londo, 500 Narns would be executed, but if Londo dies by accident, G’Kar will get to watch it happen before he dies.

Brother Leo finds, in the footage, one person watching at every site. He is Robert Carlson (Patrick Kilpatrick). Another bomb goes off and Carlson cuts the power. Sheridan confronts Carlson, who says he has a dead-man’s switch. He says Babylon Five will go up like a sun, which prompts a search of the fusion-reactor. Carlson demands a ship for an escape. The bomb is found. Sheridan and Carlson struggle for the trigger as the bomb is ejected into space, where it explodes harmlessly. Lennier, though unconscious, was aware of Londo’s words. Security saves Londo and G’Kar. The latter is deeply disappointed.

Lennier’s body in Medlab was fake, as Bill Mumy’s father had just died and he found the scene too difficult. Andreas Katsulas didn’t know this and complimented Mummy on his stillness. The byplay between Jurasik and Katsulas was the heart of the episode. Londo’s affection for Lennier as the only person to do him a kindness in a long time is touching. Patrick Kilpatrick is also good as the madman, a difficult role to play without looking foolish. In the elevator, J. Michael Straczynski takes the common trope of the enemies who have to work together to survive and turns it on its head.

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