Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) is badly defeated at chess by Brother Theo (Louis Turenne) and meets his promising new recruit Brother Edward (Brad Dourie). Ivanova meets Kosh’s (voice of Ardwight Chamberlain) ship when it arrives from Vorlon space. Powerful rogue telepath Lyta Alexander (Patricia Tallmann) exits the ship. She explains to Sheridan, Ivanova, Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle), and Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) that she found a ship to take her to the edge of Vorlon space, then waited in a lifepod until she was nearly dead before the Vorlons would let her in. Now, she works for Kosh, but still won’t tell anybody anything about the Vorlons.

Strange hallucinations are troubling Brother Edward. Garibaldi talks with Delenn (Mira Furlan) about the Death of Personality, in which convicted murderers have their memories wiped and replaced with benign ones so they can serve humanity. Brother Edward is seeing things and hearing things, including disturbing violent images. Brother Theo meets Sheridan and explains that Brother Edward was a serial killer whose memory was wiped and found a way to do good with the Brothers. Now his memories are coming back. Meanwhile, Edward does a computer search and finds out the same thing. Brother Theo tries to convince him to return, but Brother Edward is on his way to atone with death.

It turns out that the relatives of his past victims are behind it all, creating false hallucinations to trigger his memories. They basically crucify him in Downbelow (Too subtle?), and he dies in Theo’s arms. Later, Brother Theo introduces Sheridan to his new recruit, Brother Malcolm (Robert Keith), who was the person behind killing Brother Edward and has had his own violent memories wiped.

Brad Dourif, who plays Edward, played a similar character on Star Trek Voyager. He also did the voice of Chucky, the evil doll in the Child’s Play series. He does well in the role. The whole story revolves around the temptation of Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane in the New Testament, and some of the most interesting bits are the conversations between Theo, a Trappist Monk, and Delenn of the Minbari religious caste. J. Michael Straczynski, like a lot of atheists, is just fascinated with religion. Lyta Alexander, no longer in Psi-Corps, is not obliged to follow their rules. She reads a suspect’s mind against his will and solves Edward’s murder. She might come in handy in the future if Kosh lets her and may even be a weapon against Psi-Corps, who may finally have met their match in the Vorlons. A telepath with the amorality of the Vorlons has got to be an interesting character. Yes, Lyta has gills now and sucks light from Kosh.

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