Nightwatch tries to clamp down on seditious material. Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) stops them from harassing shop owners. Alfred Bester (Walter Koenig) of Psi-Corps is coming, and in Downbelow, a crazy man is screaming about a mountain falling on him. The War Council meets about Bester. Delenn (Mira Furlan) has an idea how to prevent him from reading their minds. Vir (Stephen Furst) has come to visit Londo (Peter Jurasik). In Medlab, Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) treats the crazy man who thinks a mountain is falling on him and a woman who was actually caught in a Martian landslide. He suspects a drug called Dust, which gives temporary telepathic abilities. Ivanova contemplates killing Bester, but Sheridan talks her out of it.

Bester is shown into Sheridan’s office, where a group of Minbari telepaths are shielding the command staff. Sheridan tells Bester he doesn’t like him. Also, he doesn’t trust him, and blames him for all the bad stuff that happened to telepath Talia Winters. Bester can either put up with the Minbari telepaths or take drugs to suppress his powers.

Vir approaches Delenn and thanks her for his job on Minbar. He thinks going there would help Londo, but she thinks it doesn’t matter where a dark soul goes. But Vir won’t give up on him. Bester tells the command crew that he is there to end traffic in Dust. G’Kar takes Dust and goes in search of Londo. Garibaldi and Bester arrest Lindstrom (Julian Neill) for trafficking Dust. G’Kar breaks into Londo’s quarters, knocks out Vir, and threatens Londo.

He abducts Londo, and reads his mind, sees Morden. G’Kar finds himself on the Narn home world with his dying father, who tries to talk him out of revenge. He sees G’Quan, the Narn angel, and wakes sobbing by Londo. Kosh glides away. G’Kar pleads guilty and is sentenced to 60 days in prison. Vir comes to see Londo in Medlab, who tells him never to let anyone make a joke out of him. Psi-Corps is responsible for creating Dust, it turns out. Bester is glad it is out of the hands of aliens.

The two drug dealers, Lindstrom and Morgenstern, are named after characters on the Mary Tyler Moore show. It’s always good to see Bester bested, and G’Kar and Londo at each other’s throats. The revelation that Psi-Corps are drug-dealers is quite believable.

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