Ivanova (Claudia Christian) describes in her diary how the Shadows have turned to open warfare, beginning at the rim of the galaxy. The atmosphere at Babylon Five is tense. Meanwhile, one of the new security guards contacts Morden (Ed Wasser) and sneaks him past Customs onto the station. Franklin’s (Richard Biggs) stim problem is getting worse. Kosh is conspicuous by his absence. Londo (Peter Jurasik) tells Vir (Stephen Furst) to rent the biggest suite on Babylon Five and have it ready for Adira Tyree, who is coming to visit. Morden has killed the guard who let him in, and he goes to his quarters with three invisible Shadow creatures.

The Brakiri tell the League of Non-Aligned Worlds meeting that they cannot fight the Shadows. Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) points out that Earthforce can no longer help. In Medlab, Doctor Hobbs (Jennifer Balgobin) has words with Franklin. Londo reminisces about Adira, his one true love. Vir has prepared the suite for her. As Londo leaves his quarters, he is confronted by Morden, who is angry that Londo has turned Lord Refa against the Shadows. Londo says he has nothing to lose anymore and moves on. He hears high-pitched sounds and realizes it is Morden’s associates.

Garibaldi confronts Franklin about his stim problem. In the War Room, Delenn is worried about Sheridan. He is worried about the unpredictability of the lightning-fast Shadow attacks. He has to offer some kind of victory to the Non-Aligned races. Garibaldi asks Doctor Hobbes for help regarding Franklin’s addiction. She won’t give him Franklin’s blood-samples but tells him where they are for when he gets official permission.

Morden appears to Vir, who tells him to die. Morden goes to the to merchant Vir had just been talking to. Franklin finds Garibaldi messing with the files and finally admits to him that he has a serious stim problem. Sheridan dares to lose his temper with Kosh, who is hanging back from confrontation with the Shadows. Kosh loses his own temper and nearly kills Sheridan with a telekinetic attack, but finally agrees to help, but warns Sheridan that he will be unable to help when Sheridan goes to Z’ha’dum.

A fleet of Vorlon ships are beating back the Shadows at the Brakiri world. Londo and Vir wait for Adira, but she does not appear until her body comes off the ship. Morden pays off the man who killed her, then receives news that makes him frown. The alien races are now rallying behind Sheridan. Morden heads for Kosh’s quarters with his Shadow companions. Sheridan dreams of his father, and then of Kosh as he is being killed by the Shadows. The Vorlon Empire knows it as well as Sheridan. Delenn, on behalf of the Vorlons, tells Sheridan to say nothing, but to give all of Kosh’s belongings to his ship. Morden blames Refa for Adira’s death. Doctor Franklin quits his job because the stims are making him unreliable. Kosh’s ship, carrying all of Kosh’s effects, dives into the sun of Epsilon Eridani and is consumed.

Somewhere in the middle of every fantasy, including science fantasy, the hero’s mentor—Obi-Wan Kenobi, Gandalf, Dumbledore, Aslan, Kosh—has to die, yet somehow live on, if only within the hero. Usually, they see it coming but do so willingly. Bruce Boxleitner really shows his acting chops in his confrontation with Kosh, yet it is Londo who breaks our heart.

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