Captain Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) and Commander Ivanova (Claudia Christian) are in Bay 13, where Kosh’s ship and none other is kept, but they are warned away by a security system. Maintenance workers don’t like to work there because the ship talks to them in their dreams. Sheridan thinks it’s about time they learned more about Kosh and the Vorlon Empire. After they leave, Kosh appears and speaks to the ship. In Sheridan’s office. Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) tells them that Doctor Everett Jacobs (Tony Steedman), the Earth President’s physician, is on the run, having stolen top secret data to bring to an alien power. He is supposed to be on the station, and they are asked to shoot him on sight.

Derek Cranston (Bernie Casey) of Earthforce Special Intelligence arrives to help coordinate the search for Jacobs. Sheridan agrees to help. Since Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) studied under Jacobs at Harvard, Garibaldi starts with him. Franklin cannot believe that Jacobs is guilty of treason. In Downbelow, Jacobs tries to buy an identicard, but is dismissed and followed by a stranger. Sheridan runs into Kosh and tries to get to know him. He asks why Kosh was in his dreams when he was held by the Streib. Kosh says he was seeking understanding. Cranston says Jacobs can be found because he has been tagged by an electronic device, as are all high-ranking personnel of Earthgov. As they search, Sheridan recognizes a token left him by General Hague and speaks to Sarah (Wanda De Jesus), who warns him of danger.

She tells him Jacobs is not a traitor, but a threat to President Clark. Doctor Jacobs has proof that when Vice-President Clark left the ship that exploded killing President Santiago, for medical reasons, he was not in fact sick at all. She asks him to help Jacob escape, and he enlists Garibaldi’s help. The latter asks Doctor Franklin to meet him. His plan is for the two of them, who know Downbelow well, to find Jacobs. Meanwhile, Jacobs is cornered by thugs, including Max (Richard Moll), who can see he doesn’t belong there. They keep him in a safe spot, take his watch and a data crystal. Sheridan is misdirecting Cranston in his search. After Cranston leaves, Sheridan is summoned by Kosh to his quarters, a very rare event.

Garibaldi and Franklin are searching. Franklin notices a merchant trying to sell Jacob’s watch. Max contacts Cranston to sell Jacobs. In his quarters, Kosh says no-one should see him as he really is because they would not understand. Tired of the runaround, Sheridan ask Kosh what he wants, and Kosh tells him angrily never to ask that question. But he agrees to teach Sheridan to fight legends. Garibaldi and Franklin rescue Jacobs. Jacob says Max stole the data crystal with the President’s medical records, and Garibaldi sets out to get it back, which he does.

Cranston complains to Sheridan that he did not disclose that Jacobs could be traced with the station’s scanners, but Ivanova says it will take some hours to align the scanners for that purpose. Sheridan meets with Garibaldi, Franklin, and Jacobs. Sheridan has a plan to hide Jacobs from the scanners. Back in C&C, Sheridan allows Kosh to leave the station. They scan for Jacobs but do not find him anywhere. Then they scan Kosh’s ship on Cranston’s insistence and find only one non-human life-sign. After Cranston leaves unhappy, the Vorlon ship returns to Bay 13, to be met by Sheridan and his staff. The one life-form that was detected was the ship itself. An unconscious Jacobs floats from the ship. Awakened from his coma, he says the ship sang to him. Sheridan turns over the data to Sarah for the General’s group.

J Michael Straczynski insists the ship who sings is not related to The Ship Who Sang by Anne McCaffrey. At one point, Garibaldi notices a Ranger on the station. It is nice to see heavy character actor Richard Moll, and even more interesting to see Kosh angry, or indeed showing any emotion. His anger at being asked the Morden question, “What do you want?” is significant in that the Shadows, who ask this, are in some way related to the Vorlons, whose question is, “Who are you?”

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