Lennier (Bill Mumy) stops by to discuss security with Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) and finds him assembling a 1992 Kawasaki Ninja 2x-11 motorcycle. Lennier is intrigued by the machine. Elsewhere in the station, two men are reviewing the personnel files of the senior staff, particularly Ivanova (Claudia Christian). Commander Sinclair (Michael O’Hare), Garibaldi, and Ivanova study a report on a terrorist bombing on Phobos, possibly by the Free Mars Group. Earth Central fears they will try to obtain weapons at Babylon Five. Many of the aliens have trade agreements allowing them to sell weapons.

Lou Welch (David L. Crowley), enjoying lunch, is interrogated by a man calling himself Aron Franks. Welch brushes him off, then notices Garibaldi. Lennier studies motorcycles while Garibaldi tracks down Aron Franks. The man has been on the station for three days with Harriman Gray (Jeffrey Combs), asking probing questions about Sinclair. Garibaldi stops by their quarters and interrogates Gray. Franks arrives and introduces himself as Colonel Ari Ben Zayn (Gregory Martin) from Earthforce Security (called Eyes). He explains that Gray is a telepath from Psi Corps, and they are investigating the station’s command staff.

The Colonel and Gray meet with Sinclair and his staff. Sinclair vouches for them, but the Colonel is on orders from the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Ivanova objects to Gray’s presence as a psi, but the Colonel explains that there are new regulations that allow it. Also, Garibaldi will now be part of the Colonel’s staff. Ivanova will not submit to a scan and Sinclair promises to prevent it.

Garibaldi runs into Lennier but has little time for him. Garibaldi decides to run his own investigation into Ben Zayn and Gray. Gray explains to Ivanova that he understands her dislike of telepaths. He himself wanted to serve in Earthforce, but his telepathic powers made that impossible at first. She will have to submit to a scan. She threatens him with bodily harm if he tries. Ben Zayn questions Garibaldi about Sinclair with little in the way of results. Garibaldi warns Sinclair that Ben Zayn is coming after him, but Sinclair is not intimidated. Garibaldi returns to his quarters to find that Lennier has worked all night on the motorcycle. Ivanova has nightmares about her mother’s death, goes to Sinclair to resign, and he refuses to accept it, as he has found a way to avoid the scan.

Ben Zayn surprises Gray by authorizing deep scans, as Bester will appreciate their taking down Sinclair. Sinclair informs them that the rules authorize the use of a telepath only when charges have been filed, and they haven’t. Gray supports him, to Ben Zayn’s disgust. The Colonel dismisses Gray and interrogates Sinclair. Gray heads to the Zocalo, runs into Ivanova, tries to make friends. When he mentions Psi Corps, her thoughts broadcast. He scans her and apologizes for it. He begins to think she has some telepathic powers herself, and that makes her even more angry.

When Ben Zayn interferes with a smuggling investigation, Sinclair assumes command. The Colonel charges him with working against the best interests of Earth, and he insists on Sinclair being scanned. Garibaldi is ordered to confine Sinclair to quarters. Ben Zayn announces to all that he is in charge and that Ivanova will have to submit to a scan. She would rather be dishonorably discharged.

Garibaldi alerts Sinclair: not only was Ben Zayn passed over for command of Babylon Five, but he is also friends with Bester. Ivanova is drinking in the casino, is hit on, and starts a brawl. Sinclair is speaking with Gray alone and suggests he is scanning the wrong people. When Ben Zayn arrives, Sinclair baits him about his vendetta. Ben Zayn loses it and Gray picks up his rage and hatred, and his lies. Ben Zayne pulls a gun, but Gray knocks him down with telepathy. Garibaldi finds that Lennier has completed the motorcycle and installed a Minbari power source. Sinclair and Ivanova discuss how nice it is to be back to normal, as Garibaldi and Lennier speed down the Central Corridor on the bike.

The last gasoline-powered motorcycle was built in 2035. Lennier, meditating while building the motorcycle, chants “Zaragabee,” which is the greatest hits album of Bill Mumy’s band Barnes and Barnes or The Jenerations. Straczynski was not amused at the plug, but let it go. Susan Ivanova was born in St. Petersburg on 10 August 2230. Jeffrey Combs or Coombs is one of several Star Trek regulars to appear on Babylon Five. He played eight different roles, notably the Andorian Shran in Enterprise, the Ferengi Brunt and the Vorta clone Weyoun in Deep Space Nine. He also appeared in Gotham, Criminal Minds, The Dunwich Horror, The Twilight Zone, The Pit and the Pendulum, Re-Animator, and many more movies and TV shows.

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