Delenn (Mira Furlan) is awakened by a message from Minbar. Ruell (Ross Kettle) asks if she wants a replacement assistant as soon as possible. She learns that Lennier (Bill Mumy) is leaving her service for Minbar. Londo Mollari (Peter Jurasik) is arguing with Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) about some imported beverage, when Londo takes a sip and collapses. He is rushed to Medlab, followed by Vir (Stephen Furst). Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) orders the drink examined.

Lennier arrives in Delenn’s quarters. He no longer feels needed in Delenn’s life. Sheridan is her other half, and he is just in the way. The death of Marcus Cole has inspired him to join the Rangers. Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) tells Vir that Londo is in critical condition. He was not poisoned; it was an attack in his left heart. Franklin informs Sheridan that the left heart is difficult to operate on. He may not live 24 hours.

Delenn watches over Londo. She and Sheridan have never seen him so quiet. Delenn says Lennier must go his own way. Mollari dreams of wandering through Brown Sector searching for Delenn. He has his past read by a tarot reader and the cards begin to bleed. He recalls the dream of G’Kar and himself strangling each other. He moves on to Red Sector and talks to Sheridan about being dead, and about Sheridan being reduced to a 20-year life. Sheridan tells him he has only to turn around to live, but Londo is afraid that if he turns around , he will find G’Kar behind him.

Franklin decides to shock his system to stabilize him. Vir joins Franklin for the death watch. Londo begs the Great Maker to spare him. He suffers seizures. Vir says he will miss him if he dies. G’Kar comes in. Londo finds himself in the room in which G’Kar was tortured. This time, Londo is tortured. He shouts he is sorry, and his heart stabilizes. He apologizes to G’Kar. Later, Londo is sitting up, complaining of the food to Vir. Vir tells him about a legend of a man trapped inside a monster. If he survives, he will be changed forever. Delenn meets Lennier as he is leaving the station. He says it is not good-bye, because he is hers, heart, body, and soul. The episode may be a play on the Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross. The moment when Londo comes out of the dream alive, sees G’Kar, and says he is sorry, and then G’Kar bows his head in salute begins a new theme for the series. There is also some nice by-play with Lennier and Vir, which is rare, though their relationship with their respective ambassadors is important.