Delenn (Mira Furlan) summons legendary Minbari warrior Durhan (Brian McDermott) and others to Babylon Five for a report. He brings Turval (Turhan Bey) of the Religious Caste. Meanwhile, someone new in Downbelow is taking control of the rackets.

Delenn meets with the arrivals and takes Turval on a tour of the station. Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) meets with Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) and Captain Lochley (Tracy Scoggins) and they end up arguing about the war. In Downbelow, the gang leader Trace (Trevor Goddard) decides to have Allan killed.

Durhan explains some problems with the Pak’ma’ra, much to the amusement of Turval, Delenn advises them to learn from human tolerance. Turval mentions his concern for Lennier. Garibaldi briefs two telepaths on their new job. He also asks Allan to look into Lochley’s file. Allan goes to meet an informant in Down below.

Allan’s informant worries about what Trace wants to do to Allan and regrets calling him. Trace has her seized, there are shouts and violence. Apprentice Ranger Tannier (Brendon Ford) is injured. As Tannier is a Minbari, Delenn will not let Lochley handle it. Lochley doesn’t like Rangers getting involved in station security, but has to give in. The Rangers have a disagreement about protocol, but Tannier must face his terror alone.

Allan is clearing the area. Trace is pleased to be recognized as dangerous. Trace’s people are subdued by the Rangers, but Trace escapes. He ends up facing Tannier alone. Tannier defeats him easily but finds no joy in it, and Trace is arrested. Both Garibaldi and Delenn want to know more about Lochley and her relation to Sheridan. The Minbari leave the station, honored by Delenn. Garibaldi notes to Allan that the Minbari always finish a fight. Allan notes that Garibaldi is the same. Sheridan tells Delenn about his relationship with Lochley.

This was Turhan Bey’s final acting role before his death at 90. He had previously appeared as the Centauri emperor. It was a definite pleasure to see the disciplined Minbari Ranger beat the snot out of the crude bully Trace. The Warrior Caste and the Religious Caste seem to be getting along fine. Lochley and Garibaldi are constantly at odds, but well matched.