Delenn (Mira Furlan) meets Elizabeth Lochley (Tracy Scoggins) in the corridor and tells her Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) has mentioned their past relationship. She believes Lochley was the right choice for the job. Lochley asks her to keep it secret, and Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) overhears. Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) tells Londo (Peter Jurasik) that his ship has arrived. Londo is next in line to be Emperor and is seriously bummed out about it. A transport in the station’s lock hits the wall and explodes.

Lochley examines the damage. A Psi Corps ship is waiting impatiently outside. Lyta (Patricia Tallman) is caught by Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) as she is stealing supplies in Medlab. Knowing it is for the telepaths in Downbelow, hiding from Psi Corps, he lets her go. The Psi Corps bloodhounds, led by Bester (Walter Koenig) sense the presence of the hidden telepaths. Garibaldi heads for Lochley’s office to punch out Bester, but Lochley throws him out.

In Medlab, Franklin is recruited by Delenn and G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas) to research information on new alien members of the Interstellar Alliance. Sheridan summons Lochley to his office, but she says she can only act on what Bester does on her watch, not on his history with others. But Sheridan will not let Bester take the telepaths. Outside, the transport waiting to take Londo home explodes. Lochley is sure the target was supposed to be Londo. Lyta confronts Bester and his team and slaps them around telekinetically. The Psi Corps is stymied, and Lyta tells the telepaths to move to separate places on the station.

Garibaldi, who has got himself locked up, is interrogated by Lochley. He asks her why she is friendly to Bester. She says he helped her find a murdering rogue telepath on an Earthforce Base. She does not trust him but must treat him politely for now. Then Garibaldi asks her why Sheridan hired her. She admits that they were married once. Then they hear that Bester is rounding up the telepaths.

Lyta is helpless. Byron (Robin Atkin Downes) contacts her to say goodbye. She offers to shelter him, but he must be with his people. Allan reports to Lochley that there are only six telepaths left. Bester’s team have not broken any regulations. Franklin tells Lochley of Delenn’s offer of a job and she has an idea. G’Kar tells Delenn they need a bodyguard for Londo, and they both realize who it has to be.

Bester is anxious to be on his way, but Lochley tells him there is a 60-day quarantine. It’s right there in the rules. She is forced to agree to turn them over afterwards. Another Centauri transport arrives for Londo and G’Kar, as his new bodyguard, argues with him about the seating. Lochley suddenly remembers Garibaldi has been in lockup all this time. Lyta takes off her Psi Corps badge and joins the rogue telepaths.

Bester is as slimy and hateful as ever. Byron is the perfect flower child and, like his name, a poet. Garibaldi is as out of control as a bull in a china shop. It’s a surprise, frankly, that the marriage of Sheridan and Lochley lasted a whole three months, the mind boggles. Lochley is by-the-book, but not above bending the rules, and—best of all—G’Kar is going to Centauri Prime as Londo’s bodyguard. I was afraid that there was nothing left after the five-year story arc was shoehorned into four years, but there are still lots of stories in Babylon Five.