Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) keeps a log on the disease catalog he’s creating for the Interstellar Alliance. The Pak’ma’ra are fascinating because they are immune to so many infections despite, or because, they are carrion eaters. Trying to do an interior analysis, he actually makes one of them vomit. Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) is summoned to Customs because of all the telepaths coming in. Their leader Byron (Robin Atkin Downes) shows up with Lyta Alexander (Patricia Tallman).

Allan asks why Lyta is with Byron. She is offended. In Downbelow, Byron and others are confronted by a violent gang. Byron invites a man to hit him again and again, and when Byron does not hit him back, the man leaves. Franklin meets Hyach Ambassador Miziri Tal (Jana Robbins) about the Hyach Grand Council of Elders. Franklin promises the data regarding the Hyach race will be confidential. Afterwards, the ambassador discusses with his attaché what might happen if Franklin finds out the truth about them, and if they should kill him.

Lyta and Byron discuss the uselessness of anger and violence, but she gets all redhead about it, and he is amused. She stays the night with him and the whole group, telepathically. Franklin asks why the Hyach files only cover the last 800 years of their 7000-year history. He thinks they’re hiding something. One of the telepaths is beaten badly. Coming out of a coma in Medlab later, he throws furniture around with his mind. Byron and Lyta go in search of the others. Some of the telepaths are attacking Mundanes now and Byron makes them stop. Allan ends up arresting Byron over Lyta’s objection. The guards will not let Byron calm down the others.

Franklin is finding out things about the Hyach they don’t want anyone to know, and he is captured by them. It seems they wiped out a race during their history which provided something genetically that they now lack, and their species is dying out. They would need more than Franklin to fix this, they would need the help of many worlds, and their secret would come out. Allan releases Byron because he was innocent. He was distraught that he was unable to help his people and that they are turning to violence. He and Lyta make love and all the telepaths experience what the Vorlons did to her and what she saw on their world. Byron is angry that the Vorlons created telepaths to fight the Shadows. He wants to demand an isolated home world.

Of the eleven regular cast members, only Franklin, Zack, and Lyta appear in this episode. Franklin comes off, and not for the first time, as judgemental. The telepaths come off as a cult and tempt us to dislike them like the Romans did the early Christians, which they resemble in a number of ways.