More Psi-Cop bloodhound units arrive at Babylon Five and are briefed by Bester (Walter Koenig). They can now invade Brown Sector and clear out the telepaths led by Byron (Robin Atkin Downes). The telepaths outside Brown Sector are armed. Captain Lochley (Tracy Scoggins) notes how much Bester is enjoying it all. They find a dead Psi-Cop and “Free Byron” written on the wall.

Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) waits for Lochley, who is trying to contact Byron. Byron asks him to remove the Psi-Cops, but he cannot. Bester warns Byron the situation is over, but Byron cuts him off. Bester finds Garibaldi in his quarters with his gun in his hand. Garibaldi promises to kill Bester unless he confesses to how he programmed him to betray Sheridan. But Garibaldi is completely mind-blocked from harming Bester. Byron confides in Lyta (Patricia Tallman). He was once a Psi-Cop and Bester’s Protegé, until Bester forced him to destroy a transport full of people. No-one was interested in his report about this incident, so he quit.

The fight goes south for the telepaths. They take over Medlab just as Garibaldi is talking to Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) about neural blocks. Thomas (Leigh J. McCloskey) promises to kill both Garibaldi and Franklin. He contacts Sheridan and makes his demands. Byron must get to Thomas and stop him. Zack Allen (Jeff Conaway) assaults Medlab, but a barrage of tools and cases, thrown telekinetically, pushes his forces back. Sheridan is frustrated and blames Bester for cutting off communications but does not want to give in to the telepath’s demands. He will not negotiate.

Lyta probes the crawlspaces for an opening and heads out with Byron. They arrive just as Thomas is about to kill Garibaldi and Byron shoots Thomas, horrified by the act. A message comes in: Byron will release the hostages and turn everyone in if he can talk to them all in Downbelow without interference from Psi Corps. Lochley and Sheridan agree. Bester arrives, furious. Lochley reveals that she has jurisdiction from Earthgov now, because of the deaths, so he is out of the loop. Allan arrives with the identicards and confessions of the teeps. Bester touches the wall and pleads with Byron to come with him. Lyta interrupts the conversation. Bester tries to break in with a few Psi-Cops, arriving just as the telepaths are ready to turn themselves in. Sheridan and Lochley confront Bester, but one of the telepaths opens fire. There is a firefight and a chemical spill. Byron fires at it and the explosion kills them.

Sheridan confronts Bester when the dust clears. Bester is confused: Aren’t they on the same side? He leaves, stunned. Franklin is looking for Garibaldi, but he is not to be found. Bester, under guard, watches the remaining telepaths as they leave. Lyta arrives and touches everyone’s hand. Bester leaves in frustration. Garibaldi enters his quarters and turns on a news report about the bombing of Psi Corps Headquarters and a scrawled “Remember Byron.” He pours himself a drink.

It has taken a while, as we watched everybody do precisely the wrong thing, but the telepath story has come to an end. As always, Bester is the slimy focus of our attention. I must say that the role of Bester is a lot better for Koenig than Chekhov ever was. The block he put in Garibaldi’s mind to prevent him from harming Bester is called an Asimov. Byron finally does something, but by now all the options are horrible. Perhaps the most memorable part is Bester leaving, totally flummoxed. He can’t believe the telepaths don’t want to be a part of his loving Psi Corps family. The phoenix rising from the flames would seem to be Lyta.