Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) and Delenn (Mira Furlan) prepare for a meeting with the ISA, but all the member worlds are boycotting meetings until their shipping lanes are guaranteed safe. Meanwhile, the Earth Alliance Transport Red Star 9 is attacked, one man managing to eject in a life pod. Londo (Peter Jurasik) and G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas) arrive at the station. Garibaldi wakes up late, having missed the meeting. He promises to be at the next one and disposes of an empty bottle. Delenn tells the group that a human transport was the victim of an attack, with one life pod missing. The ship was probably smuggling in Drazi space. Garibaldi has a contact there and will investigate.

G’Kar returns to his quarters as Narn bow graciously when he passes. He finds Ta’Lon (Marshall Teague) at his door. His book is missing, but only because it was known he was going to Centauri Prime and assumed he would never return alive. He learns it has been copied half a million times and widely distributed. G’Kar is now a religious icon. With his new entourage, G’Kar meets Mollari, who is amused by G’Kar’s dilemma.

Garibaldi reaches the Drazi home world and looks up his old friend Tafiq Azir (John Castellanos). He tells Garibaldi that the pilot is hiding because the government would like to deny the incident and can’t do so if one witness is alive. Azir orders from Room Service, including a bottle. Azir can’t wake Garibaldi up later. Azir leaves without him and is killed. Garibaldi gets up and is attacked in the hallway by a Drazi over Azir’s body. There is a fight and Garibaldi tosses the attacker off the balcony. He finds the pilot—also dead—and runs from the police.

After much argument, G’Kar agrees to speak to the multitudes. Back home, Garibaldi does not think the attackers were Drazi. Londo comes in and recognizes the button Garibaldi tore off the attacker as a Centauri Palace Guard button. Garibaldi says he picked it up in the Zocalo and the others back him up so Mollari will not know its significance. G’Kar says if they ask too many questions, Mollari will be killed. G’Kar talks to his followers, who insist on taking everything in the book literally. Doctor Franklin tells Sheridan he is leaving to be head of Xenobiological Research on Earth. Garibaldi is in his quarters, passed out drunk. When Garibaldi’s transport is landing on the Drazi home world, the landscape is the Kuril Islands off Eastern Siberia, and the Island of Hokkaido, Japan. Some references say the episode was written by Neil Gaiman, but others say it was J. Michael Straczynski. Not much is resolved in the story. It’s all beginnings. G’Kar becomes a religious leader, Garibaldi crawls back in the bottle, a mystery in Drazi space is afoot, Doctor Franklin is off on a new adventure. And there is still something telepathic to be finished up, as Lyta is traumatized and alone again, and the next episode is Psi Corps related.