Delenn (Mira Furlan) is sleepless on Babylon Five. She receives a signal. She silences it and gets up, telling Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) that she is restless about tomorrow’s meeting. She goes to a noisy nightclub, looking for someone. It is Lennier (Bill Mumy), whom she has summoned. He asks why and she says it must be kept secret. She has not even told Sheridan about the dangerous mission. She wants Lennier to board the White Star 27 to Centauri space because there is evidence that the Republic is attacking Interstellar Alliance transports. He prepares to leave immediately but tells her of Morden’s visit during the Night of the Dead and the prediction that Lennier will betray the Rangers. Vir (Stephen Furst) returns to Londo’s (Peter Jurasik) quarters with loads of junk food, though it does not agree with Centauri physiology. There is a listening device attached to a bag of Drazi fruit. Londo tells it some lies before breaking it. Vir will have to be more careful in his new job as Centauri Ambassador to Babylon Five.

Lennier reports to White Star 27, or Maria as it is called by Captain Enrique Montoya (Richard Yniguez). He also meets a fellow trainee named Findell (Martin East). Maria leaves for Centauri space. G’Kar receives delivery of his new prosthetic eye. The Drazi report another attack on their shipping lines. Londo comes in and accuses the Drazi of planting the bug. Captain Montoya wants Lennier and Findell to scout around in fighters. Doctor Franklin replaces G’Kars eye. He mentions he has been trying to read G’Kar’s book and asks to be part of G’Kar’s discussions. Maria jumps into normal space, Lennier and Findell take off, and Maria jumps back into hyperspace again. Findell panics at being left behind with little oxygen and Lennier suggests meditation. Franklin attends G’Kar’s session with interest, though G’Kar’s words are a bit cryptic and unsatisfactory. Clearly, the Narn don’t understand him. The Maria returns after an hour and Lennier is praised for keeping calm.

Vir confronts the Drazi fruit vendor and gets insults in return. He returns to Londo’s quarters, takes his sword, and hacks the fruit stand to pieces. He holds the vendor at sword-point until he surrenders. Chief Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) asks Londo what got into Vir and Londo says he’s now ready to be a Centauri ambassador.

Montoya sends Lennier and Findell and two other trainees on a mission that not all can complete. Findell confesses he never wanted to be a Ranger in the first place but complied with family pressure. Lennier says one must only be a Ranger if one really wants to. They realize that Findell is courting suicide and Lennier stops him with friendly fire. Captain Montoya thanks Lennier for saving Findell, who will be assigned to recruitment, determining whether recruits are joining for the right reasons.

The Drazi do not want it known that they bugged Londo, so they do not charge Vir. But it may be that what is happening in Centauri space is because of the Regent. Garibaldi, meanwhile, is back in the bottle.

The fifth-season episodes, by and large, are not as compelling as the earlier episodes but can still be enjoyable. This one is about Vir and Lennier and G’Kar, which is always entertaining. The Book of G’Kar is so faithfully reproduced that Garibaldi’s coffee stain is in every copy.