An injured Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) enters a destroyed Zocalo, where he sees Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) and Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) dead and hears Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) calling to him. Then he sees himself with a weapon and realizes he has done this. Blackness envelopes him and he wakes to find Lyta Alexander (Patricia Tallman) observing him. She says she is exploring what the Vorlons did to her. He jolts awake, for real this time, and finds his ex, Lise Hampton-Edgars (Denise Gentile), entering his quarters. It is a surprise visit, and she decides to spend it in bed.

Delenn (Mira Furlan) receives a call from Lennier in Sheridan’s office, about three more attacks on Interstellar Alliance ships, always preceded by a coded Centauri signal. Lennier will try to decode it. Sheridan overhears part of the conversation. Lyta tries to convince a businessman to employ rogue telepaths, but the man refuses to defy Psi Corps. She decides to meet with G’Kar. Londo (Peter Jurasik) has news from Vir (Stephen Furst). The Royal Court wants info on trade deals with other Alliance worlds. It is puzzling and Vir says there is no other news.

When Garibaldi is in the shower, Lise finds his bottle. They argue about his drinking, his excuse being manipulation by Bester and problems with Mars Resistance. But he pours out the rest of his booze. On the White Star 27, Lennier is trying to decipher the Centauri signal when Captain Montoya (Richard Yniguez) enters and asks what he is doing. He is trying to track Hyperspace Communications through a Tachyon Subchannel. Sheridan recalls the ship. Back on Babylon Five, he confronts Delenn about her secret mission for Lennier. Then they get a call from Captain Montoya. Lennier has taken a small ship on his own and disappeared. He is trying to find the Centauri secret base.

Lyta meets G’Kar. She mentions his offer of five years ago: Telepath DNA for Narns, who had been bred out of it by the Vorlons, in exchange for money, ships, and secrecy. In the restaurant, Garibaldi and Lise sit down. She mentions his promise to return to Mars with her and he admits he has not yet mentioned it to Sheridan. He complains about the coffee and leaves to put some booze in it. Captain Montoya cannot find Lennier, who approaches a Centauri vessel and goes into stealth mode. He attaches his little ship and is taken through a jump point to an entire Centauri flotilla.

Sheridan apologizes to Delenn because she was doing the right thing. He does not believe Lennier is dead. Londo hears from Vir that the ISA is trying to blame the Centauri for the recent attacks. G’Kar tells Lyta the Narn government has agreed to her deal. Lennier is still attached to the Centauri ship and records it attacking Brakiri ships. He detaches when they leave and sends a distress call. Montoya finds him and returns to Babylon Five. Lennier is greeted warmly by Delenn and Sheridan and turns over his evidence. They will meet with Garibaldi. Everyone has been invited to the meeting but Londo and Vir. Garibaldi tells Lise that they will be at war with the Centauri Republic the next day.

With this, we are entering the final eight episodes of the series. We know the opening was a dream, but we are not entirely sure about Lyta messing with Garibaldi’s mind. The Centauris are back to being the bad guys, but we know it is because the Regent is under alien influence. Lyta’s deal with G’Kar dates all the way back to the series pilot, and there is just a hint of the sexual byplay in the original, though G’Kar is now a religious figure and above that sort of thing. Garibaldi refers to events in the first season. Londo has changed as well and has no interest in gambling. Sheridan and group are keeping him out of the loop, but we’re pretty sure he’s the only one who can fix the Centauri problem.