There is a commotion in Customs at Babylon Five. A woman named Tessa Halloran is trying to get aboard with a newly minted Martian passport, now a legal document. Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) happens by, recognizes her as Number One (Marjorie Monaghan) of the former Martian Resistance, and he vouches for her. She has come looking for Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle). He, as it happens, is sick as a dog from alcohol withdrawal. When Halloran gets to him, she warns that there is a contract out for both of their lives. When Mars declared independence, various Earth firms scrambled to hide their nefarious pasts. Someone in Edgars Industries wants to get rid of Lise Hamilton-Edgars (Denise Gentile) and Garibaldi himself because they would clean up.

The Narn worship of G’Kar keeps growing. He looks upon the crowd with disgust and regret and wishes to leave. Right now, he wants to help Lyta Alexander (Patricia Tallman) who needs isolation from those who fear her powers. He wants to take her along, but realizes she is still highly suspicious of all non-telepaths.

Sheridan proposes a going-away rally for all of them, including Garibaldi, so the would-be assassin would be forced into a small area. A man kills a guard and takes his comm-link. In his quarters, the man tries to bypass the link’s security protocols, but has trouble doing so. Halloran goes to Sheridan, saying that the red-tape Mars is encountering is Earth’s doing. Sheridan offers the help of the Alliance. The hitman gets the link to work properly. G’Kar is spoken to by the Narn making the G’Kar idols and G’Kar breaks one and tells him to go home. In Medlab, Franklin discovers that the dead guard has a phoney link.

Hundreds of Narns gather for G’Kar’s going away rally. Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) sets up a system that will make a deafening noise in the dead guard’s link and the hitman groans in pain and is seized. At the same time, the Narn idol-maker shoots at G’Kar and hits Lise’s shoulder. She is treated in Medlab, and Garibaldi takes the hitman to Lyta, who reads him. He is working for the Edgars Industries Board of Directors.

Sheridan visits G’Kar as he packs. He has a long-distance ship they can use. They reminisce and G’Kar calls him John. Garibaldi wants to marry Lise immediately. G’Kar and Lyta leave on their ship. Garibaldi calls the Board of Directors at Edgars Industries and discusses all their dirty little secrets. He mentions that the head of ISA covert operations is the former head of the Mars Resistance, and he has put a bounty on their heads in case he or Lise die of anything but old age. He expects all their resignations immediately. Delenn returns from Minbar reporting that hers and Sheridan’s new offices there are ready. Garibaldi says goodbye warmly. Sheridan and Delenn take a walk down the five-mile length of the station.

G’Kar has the best lines in the episode, as usual, although Garibaldi’s ultimatum to the Board of Directors is delicious. Personally, I wanted to see a sequel with G’Kar and Lyta roaming the galaxy, getting in trouble, with Ivanova, but it was not to be. Presumably, the next two episodes deal with Londo and lead up to futures we’ve already glimpsed.