On the night that President John Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) and Delenn (Mira Furlan) leave Babylon Five for Minbar, the new headquarters of the Interstellar Alliance, Sheridan finds Captain Lochley (Tracy Scoggins) just as restless as he is. She thanks him for the job of running Babylon Five and he thanks her for doing such a good job. Vir (Stephen Furst) notices Ta-Lon (Marshall Teague) ringing G’Kar’s doorbell and tells him G’Kar has already left. Ta’Lon is confused because G’Kar summoned him. After hacking his way in, he finds a message waiting: G’Kar urges him to become ambassador for the Narn Regime.

Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) sits down with Doctor Hobbs (Jennifer Balgobin) and chooses her for the new Babylon Five Chief of Staff. He leaves tonight for Earth. In her quarters, Delenn finishes packing. Lennier (Bill Mumy) arrives to help. In her office, Tessa Halloran (Marjorie Monaghan), the new head of Covert Intelligence, sees that things are quiet. Garibaldi is introducing himself to the new Board of Directors of Edgars Industries on Mars. He says he has picked them because they are firebrands and troublemakers. Franklin takes one last look and leaves the station.

The doorbell rings and it’s Lennier, who will accompany Sheridan and Delenn to Minbar. They leave and find Lochley and others waiting for them. Sheridan is unable to speak and Delenn makes the speech. Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) meets Tessa at the docking bay. In fact, all the remaining staff salute Sheridan through the window as the shuttle pulls away. On the White Star, they find no Captain, as they are to command the flight. On the way, a Ranger notices a coolant leak in the weapons systems. Sheridan is trapped behind a safety door. Instead of helping him open it, Lennier backs away.

Sheridan takes the fighting pike of the unconscious Ranger. By the time Lennier returns, Sheridan has already broken out, carrying the Ranger. Deeply ashamed, Lennier takes a fighter and abandons the ship. Later, they find Lennier’s diary and realize how deep was his love for Delenn. They will keep his secret. The White Star arrives on Minbar, and they find Londo Mollari (Peter Jurasik) waiting for them.

Over dinner, Londo talks about power and his hopes for Centauri re-building. Delenn senses something strange about him. He gives them an urn, for when their child comes of age—a traditional gift, he says. Delenn is called away for a message and it is from Lennier. He promises to find redemption but will not return until then. Londo leaves them with sadness, as if he expects never to see them again. On board the Centauri cruiser, Londo hears the voice of Drakh, his alien master. Inside the urn was another Keeper to enslave the Sheridan child in twenty years. At night, Sheridan wakes and records a message for his future child.

Many of the watchers as Sheridan and Delenn left the station were actors of alien roles, in their own faces for once, including Jeffrey Willeth, who was Kosh’s body. On the same day this episode aired, Bill Mumy was appearing on Deep Space Nine. Lennier’s betrayal was prophesied by the ghost of Mister Morden in the Day of the Dead episode. It was extremely difficult for Bill Mumy to perform, basically because Bill Mumy and Lennier are exactly alike. Both Delenn and Sheridan get to make the great speeches. J. Michael Straczynski gave one instruction to Christopher Franke regarding the music: Break their hearts. This was the last episode recorded because the following, final, episode had been waiting for a year.