Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) is informed by Lennier (Bill Mumy) that someone must help Delenn (Mira Furlan). On Z’ha’dum, Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) dreams of being trapped by an entity made of light. He wakes to find himself with the tall alien, Lorien (Wayne Alexander), who tells him he is indeed dead. He does not believe it. He recalls the jump and the falling. Lorien says he is either still falling, or he has landed and is dead. Or he is caught between moments.

On a rainy planet, G’Kar (Andreas Katsulas) meets with an alien who salvaged Garibaldi’s (Jerry Doyle) Starfury. The bar-owner tries to kick G’Kar out, but there is a fight and Marcus Cole (Jason Carter) joins in. They escape, but the bar-owner calls the cops in the form of a Centauri soldier. Franklin visits Delenn, who has not eaten for a week, which is playing havoc with her human half. She feels responsible for Sheridan going to Z’ha’dum and will continue to fast.

Hiding out, G’Kar and Cole discuss their next move. G’Kar did not know Cole was following him, and Cole explains that he too is looking for Garibaldi. Since Cole is much less conspicuous, he will question the salvager. Centauri guards with photos hunt for G’Kar. Ivanova (Claudia Christian) assigns Franklin to go through Sheridan’s effects, and he finds a recording about Delenn. He shows it to her, and she finds strength in it. Cole has learned from the salvager where the Starfury was found. G’Kar will go there, and Cole will return to Babylon Five. But G’Kar is captured.

Delenn calls in the White Star Fleet to attack Z’ha-dum. On Centauri Prime, Londo is awakened by the Emperor (Wortham Krimmer), who gives him G’Kar as a gift. The Emperor asks G’Kar what he has to say, and G’Kar says: Do you know where Garibaldi is? Garibaldi, in fact, is in a round, windowless room. A voice keeps asking him what he remembers, and he keeps explaining that he remembers nothing. He goes into a rage and is sedated by someone in a Psi-Corps uniform.

Londo visits G’Kar in prison. Even at the height of his hatred for G’Kar, Londo says, he would not have wished on him what the Emperor Cartagia has in store for him. He proposes that G’Kar help him take out that madman. It would require a bit of suffering on G’Kar’s behalf. In exchange for helping to depose Cartagia, G’Kar wants freedom for the Narn home world. Londo agrees. On Z’ha’dum, Sheridan wants Lorien’s help to escape. Lorien is one of the First Ones—in fact, he is the First One—and is respected even by the Shadows. He tells Sheridan he has a piece of Kosh in him. Sheridan needs something to live for, and that is Delenn.

The quote from Lorien, “Do you have anything worth living for?” is used as an opening line in Season Five. G’Kar goes looking for Garibaldi because he never had a friend who wasn’t a Narn. As usual, a quiet conversation between G’Kar and Londo is the best thing in the episode. The by-play between G’Kar and Cole is good too. The more philosophical and mystical conversations, like that between Lorien and the perhaps dead Sheridan, are never quite as memorable.