Babylon Five celebrates the end of the Shadow War. Fireworks and flying Starfuries surround the station, decorations and dancing fill it. Sheridan (Bruce Boxleitner) and Delenn (Mira Furlan) watch from a catwalk. Sheridan wonders what victory will cost in the end. At Psi Corp headquarters, Alfred Bester (Walter Koenig) is informed that President Clark has commissioned a new program with Psi Corps, Earthforce, Nightwatch, and the Ministry of Peace (in case you think Babylon Five’s enemies are all gone). The President wants to shut down Babylon Five permanently.

On Centauri Prime, Londo (Peter Jurasik) is informed that his ship to Babylon Five is ready. Londo informs Milo Virini (Damian London) that he is Regent until an Emperor can be chosen, and then he leaves. In Medlab on Babylon Five, Doctor Franklin (Richard Biggs) examines G’Kar’s eye injury and offers a prosthetic. Michael Garibaldi (Jerry Doyle) begins to recall his abduction. He resigns as Head of Security, ignoring those who try to change his mind. Zack Allan (Jeff Conaway) processes Londo through Customs. Bester arrives with two Security officers and waits in the brig while Sheridan is notified.

G’Kar visits Garibaldi. The latter feels bad that G.Kar went through such torture because he was searching for Garibaldi, but G’Kar is happy with the way things turned out. Allan gets Garibaldi’s position. First thing, he asks Lyta (Patricia Tallman) to join a meeting with Bester, to keep him out of everybody’s mind. A travel ban is issued against Babylon Five. Lyta is upset at first but agrees to be there with Bester. Mollari runs into G’Kar. The latter no longer considers Londo part of his universe.

Bester protests Lyta’s presence and wants to arrest her. Sheridan puts him in his place. Bester warns that President Clark wants to discredit Babylon Five. When Bester tries to scan the others, Lyta shuts him down. Sheridan agrees to take Bester to Z’ha’dum in search of technology that can free Bester’s love, Carolyn, from the pod she’s still inside. He warns that Earthforce will commit sabotage and blame it on Babylon Five. Garibaldi passed the station codes to Zack Allan. Sheridan and Delenn get to spend some time together. Babylon Five’s Starfuries prevent Earth’s Starfuries from the planned sabotage. Bester tries to recruit Lyta for Psi-Corps, with no luck. When they get to Z’ha’dum, they find a mass exodus under way. Lyta says the planet is dead and suddenly it starts to come apart. When they return, Bester visits Carolyn in her stasis pod. He misses her. Oh, and he can still hurt Babylon Five. Sheridan visits Lyta and accuses her of destroying Z’ha’dum, though he doesn’t know how. He insists she keep him in the loop. Ivanova tells Sheridan that President Clark is having a hard time explaining the actions of his Starfuries. Sheridan wonders where the servants of the Shadows went. The Centauri Regent, Virini, has a strange alien on his neck.

After the big war episode, this is the denouement in which all the characters return to their normal lives and discover they still have serious problems. There are hints that Garibaldi is under Psi Corp control, that Lyta is now way too powerful, that Sheridan is losing it, and the Shadows are still messing with Centauri Prime.